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02-29-2012, 07:18 AM
Hey guys, just finished the DLC and im a little bit slow when it comes to assassin creed games so I had some questions I would like to ask. I can't remember all of them as of now but hopefully I'll be editing in the future.

What exactly happened to Clay? He was supposed to break out with Lucy but she kept him trapped there and didn't rat him out? What exactly was the situation. I know he wrote all the symbols (many of which aren't clear to me) by using his blood in order to warn Desmond of things but I'm just confused on all that.

In the first sequence I'm pretty sure I heard William saying something like, we have another assassin who has been outside our ranks waiting patiently.. all her ties to the assassins have been erased, or something along those lines. Well if William knew that why in the hell would he send Clay on that mission?

And what does Juno mean by your eyes have been opened or w.e, what did she actually warn him about lol?
Sorry for all these questions its just been bothering me for a while and if I don't ask I wont get over it lol.

P.S. The whole "Rebecca's voice" thing that we saw in the trailer.. and the part where Lucy walks with blood stains on her clothes wasn't in this DLC, guess it didn't mean anything.

On that note, why did Vidic need desmond anyway if Clay was already reliving Ezio's memory? Did Clay kill himself before Vidic found out all the info he needed to obtain? I'm sure this has been answered but once again, I'm slow when it comes to this type of stuff guys lol so don't kill me over it :P

02-29-2012, 08:11 AM
Lucy at some point while she was working for abstergo betrayed the assassins and joined the Templars. According to her letter she thought she would be helping more people by working with the Templars than with the assassins. So she's not evil, per say, the way the Borgias were since they were just after power, but she betrayed the brotherhood, which makes her actions evil. Clay found out, Lucy erases the evidence of him finding out she's a double agent to protect him but tells him she can't let him tell William so he can't leave. That's why he killed himself and left clues for Desmond.

When William said all her ties to the assassins were erased he meant there was no way Lucy could be traced back to the assassins, not that she wasn't part of the order anymore.

Juno was referring to the fact that he knew the past, the future, who Lucy really was, and what Desmond would have to do.

It's not clear but I think the reason he needed Desmond was that he needed memories of altair, and since ezio is not a descendent of Altair clay might not have had his memories.

Hope that helped.

02-29-2012, 08:38 AM
The initial thought was that Abstergo wanted Desmond to find the map of the Pieces of Eden that Alta´r saw. But after this DLC, Vidic sounds more interested in Ezio and he mentions that if things aren't going well, Lucy should take Desmond somewhere more comfortable. So it would seem that AC2 was all a setup to explore Ezio's memories faster than Desmond explored Alta´r's while in custody. It seems that Subject 16 descends from Ezio, but from sometime before he entered the Vault (16 wrote in Ezio's Database entry that his time with Ezio went dark much sooner than Desmond's). The presumption is that Ezio had a child that he didn't know about sometime before 1499 that led to Subject 16.

In the DLC, Vidic tells Lucy to bring them the Apple as soon as Desmond finds it. So it seems that Abstergo may have known about Ezio's Apple and were really just trying to discover its location. Hence why Desmond would have needed to stab Lucy upon finding it. This makes me wonder if the whole act of finding Alta´r's map was simply a backup plan to find other Pieces of Eden, or if Abstergo knows there's something very special about Ezio's Apple. Minerva did alter it in the Vault somehow.

It would be kind of cool if Alta´r's map was a ploy to send the Assassins off on a wild goose chase while Abstergo concentrated on finding Ezio's Apple. Lucy did feed the Assassins the map information, and the Assassins have teams deployed all around the world to try to stop the Templars, possibly leaving them weakened around Desmond.