View Full Version : Gamelauncher not launching the game...

02-28-2012, 10:46 PM
So first of all I'd like to express my deep anger over the fact that I have go through this silly ubisoft game launcher software to start a game I'm already launching from steam, this is quite frankly silly and feels like a jab a PC gamers.

Anyway. So I just bought ACR today and was all happy to get to play this next chapter. I launch the game from steam, and whats this? oh Ubisofts has put yet another wall between me and my game. Anywya, I login into this gamelauncher nad everything seems to work fine, untill i press "play" that is. What is happens is.. well... nothing, I get the launching thing at my curser for a few seconds, and then I get to just sit here looking annoyed. I've reinstalled game launcher and run steam as admin, and niether did anything...

I quite frankly feel like a fool when my idiot friends who like to pirate everything have less problems running games than I do.