View Full Version : Throttle issues and lack of pictures.......

02-28-2012, 07:37 AM
OK, I'm having issues with the throttle of my plane.
I set the trottles to W to increase and S to decrease and have engines set to simple.

When I have control of the plane, it get low speeds, but when i give it over to auto pilot, it ramps up the rpms and flys faster.... yet when i take control back, my rpms drop to the point i can hardly stay in the air.

****pit view to just gauges.... the lower left hand gauge has 3 levers in it.... 1 red (left) one yellow (center) <throttle i think and 1 black. I noticed when the ai takes over, it pushed the black tipped lever all the way up and the rpms respond, but when i take control, the black lever goes all the way down and rpms decrease... Sense i have no clue as to what this lever is, i cant find it in options.... to use.... providing the key bindings work in the 1st place.....Cant seem to bail out either , regardless as to what key(s) i assign it to bail....
this game seems reall buggy compared to the others.

any help apperciated

to bad they didnt enclude a well written manual
with pictures of gauges...

sorry about bad spelling and thanks for your help