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02-20-2012, 09:34 PM
Hi, I'm new to this forums. I've been reading and discussing this game in some other sites and with my friends. We are waiting this game like we were waiting skyrim last year. So, i'll make a list of thoughts or suggestions we came up with:

- I've played just the second title and since the beginning i always thought that prone was missing. Prone makes the game more tactical as you can enter a building in a hostile camp without having to kill one guy.

- One thing i loved in far cry 2 was the attitude of the AI and how their senses worked in a realistic way (not all the times). The way you could take a hole camp in a stealthy way is awesome. I play skyrim this days and i miss that feeling far cry 2 gave me. It was a very realistic feature for that game (guards changing attitude when night comes and those kind of things).

- Fastest cars maybe? for what I've seen in one of the gameplay videos, they are already faster than the ones in far cry 2

- I also love the feeling of Battlefield 3 MP, when i C4 a whole building and it comes down. This is a feature that would be nice to see in far cry 3. The only problem here (the only one i could think of) is that as i imagine this game somehow like far cry 2, tearing buildings apart permanently would be kind of lame as we are going to pass through that place many times when traveling.

- Re spawn at guard posts. Kind of ridiculous in far cry 2 how re spawning worked. For me it was immersion-breaking.

- Common people. I think that far cry 2 was missing this. There was no common people wandering around in the villages maybe. There were enemies and enemies. The only natives i could see were the ones you save by delivering the documents to gain medicine. It would be nice to have some small villages with common people "controlled" by these insane mercenaries.

- All the weapon related stuff its already awesome. The thing that rusty guns may get stuck or even get destroyed (and new ones too but with higher reliability) its great. And you people make this even better by introducing attachments.

- Coop: I know that people are always divided by this decision. Ones say "why focusing on coop if they could only focus on single player and make it perfect". The other ones "Coop would open a new world by playing the game with a friend and having fun like nothing before". The same thing happened with skyrim, where modders started to develop this coop feature, but i think they'll never do it like the guys at Bethesda could have. Far cry 3 should have this cooperative mode. 2 players should be able to play together creating new kinds of game play where 2 guys are needed. Best coop would be a campaign coop but i know this is something difficult and it doesn't fit the main story. The game will rock either with or without coop.

- Money: if there's a trading system like the one in Far cry 2, I think it would be nicer to money or items to trade, rather than diamonds or some tipe of similar currency.

Don't want to mention things that we already know are in game, but i love almost all of the new features. I personally think that attachments is the best addition. I allows a greater variety of playing styles with the same weapon. I'm ok with map size in far cry 2, hoping this one will be the same or maybe bigger. Sticking to first person ALWAYS, like in the previous games is a must. It gives the best immersion ever. Fast travelling its a nice addition also (if its like map clicking). I will not be using it (its a modern game, we have cars and boats) but i know friends that hated having to drive all the way to a specific location in the map. (laziness is very common in gamers).

With all of that said, I think that Far Cry 3 would be the best game of 2012, In my opinion. Thanks for reading.


02-20-2012, 10:22 PM
For number one, I agree. Number two, the A.I in that game was godly good. It was unrealistic to me. Number three, Yeah the cars were lame in FC2 but look pretty good in FC3. (I REALLY like the water on windshield addition. :) ) Number four, destructible environments are great in games like Battlefield, and might be cool here, but I don't know... Number five, yes. Number six, You have a good point, and judging by the trailers and demos we've seen, I think they've thought of this as well. Number seven, weapon degration is not in Far Cry 3. Attachments are cool though. Number eight, I think they need co-op as well. Number nine, there is money already confirmed so no need to worry there.

Last thing, the only moments in which there will be "Press [ ] to" areas are to loot dead bodies, pick up new weapons, or interact with things like closed doors in the world. Everything else such as vaulting over smaller objects, (just like in Battlefield 3) will not have this, as far as I'm aware.

02-20-2012, 10:59 PM
Thanks for the response mate. For clarifying some things. ;)