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02-19-2012, 05:42 AM
I've searched all over these forums and haven't found any pertanent info to my questions. I'm hoping someone might offer some.

First: In Deathmatch it says everywhere that there are no duplicates. Ok, this is BS because I've played nothing but Deathmatch tonight and other nights and there are nothing but duplicates. All my opponents have many duplicate NPCs in the game. What the h*ll is that all about?

Second: The border of your target's portrait is suppose to light up when they are in "line of sight". Unless my character has eyes in the back of their head this is also BS. I can't count the number of times both the border and background have been lit up but it turns out my target is behind me where I can't see. I know this because I kill a duplicate (which isn't suppose to be there), lose the contract, then the game points out my missed target. Who I don't see until I turn my camera 180 degrees to see behind me. I've even had that **** thing light up when looking at a wall and nothing else. This makes it **** near impossible to find my target. What the h*ll is that all about?

Third: So I guess stunning is useless unless you have smoke bomb. I've seen my attacker approaching numerous times no matter how "stealthy" they think they are. Best I can do is get a contested kill. If that the case just let me fall dead on the spot when my attacker sees me. Why waste anymore of my time. I have even repeatedly mashed the circle ****on (B on Xbox) while they approach to no avail. What the h*ll is that all about?

If anyone can't provide some insight it would be much appreciated as all these things are very frustrating. Sad because I really like the game.

02-19-2012, 06:47 AM
Wrong forum mate.