View Full Version : my response to arguments against ACB and ACR (please read) in the coming of AC3

02-18-2012, 05:58 PM
I know everyone has their opinion and I respect that but im so surprised that so many people didn't like revelations and liked brotherhood more, the story in brotherhood was a major disappointment to me and I didn't like Rome that much, acb was a good game but after a game like ac2 i was disappointed, however I found revelations to be the best in the series, the script was well done, the story was exceptional, the setting was the best ever seen, no one can say that Constantinople wasn't engrossing and immersive. the 3 main gameplay changes- the hookblade, bombs and eagle sense were well implemented and were game changing aspects, they didnít need to be used so that if people didnít like them they didnít need to use them which is what i which they did with buying properties, if they did it like ac2 where the shops were open but by upgrading the shop u got more discounts that would have been better. for altair fans he was in the game and it ended his story well even if short, we got insight to desmonds life even if it wasnít the way we expected ( I would have liked it 3rd person), the missions were fresh, due to the main changes they were able to bring new mission types unlike acb, the assassinations were more meaningful and the side missions were improved even if there wasn't many, master assassin missions were perfect. i can understand the problem with den defence but your not forced to do it. Even small things like new enemy archetypes, new weapons like the broadsword, new shops like black market dealer and book stores, new elements like random events. Plus the characters were FANTASTIC, who didn't like yusuf for example, ezios end was AMAZING, was emotional and well done, the best trilogy of a character in a LONG time.
Now onto yearly releases, they didn't affect the gameís quality, for some people it was just an excuse because like it or not some people just like to moan, no matter what. The problem was that they just they put the wrong stuff in, the time they spent on den defence and first person Desmond sections could have been used on other aspects like improving the random events or more side missions but the devs genuinely thought they were good additions and signs of trying to innovate, when have you seen cod take that risk? i didn't even mind the Desmond sections too much. Milking it? There is no proof of that, its just they TOOK A RISK and it didn't work out well. i look at loads on sites people saying its milked and it looks like they didnít even read the article that ac3 has been in dev for 3 years!
All aspects of the game were improved, I found the cinematic moments to be much more epic such as the e3 mission with the Greek fire, the linear sequences which were now integrated into the main narrative now had REAL purpose and once again the team improved them and with the hook blade it felt more epic.
I think when people say the multiplayer in acb was better than acr it doesnít make sense, the only thing I can agree with is that acrís mp is more buggy but I donít play it as much and so will take peoples word for it, in terms of features there were LOADS of new features added, the new brotherhood were better and if you say the gameplay was better in acb then you probably stayed on the roof tops a lot and were annoyed that it was less possible and less rewarding in acr and that u had to use STEALTH.
Then there are performance improvements, such as mocam, all the faces in acr were just amazing and looked life like, I can agree with people not liking desmonds new face but if we look at the face by itself no one can deny that it looks like a real person. They improved all the special effects, the gleam in the water for example looks more realistic, and the new night and day is more beautiful than before and the 3d fog defiantly added to the atmosphere of Constantinople.
There was also another city to explore- cappadocia, now tell meÖ where in the previous assassins creeds can u explore an UNDERGROUND CITY. You havnt, it and Constantinople had a unique flavour, also when walking around Constantinople what was copied and pasted? Lot of the buildings were new and anything copied was changed to look different, the largest copy/paste thing I saw was the market and it was the same shape as the one in Damascus but it felt COMPLETELY different.
THE ENDING- im not going to post any spoilers but the ending was the best of the series.
People having problems with 3 games of ezio- ok think about out this, if they stopped at ac2 what kind of an ending would it be to leave a guy we have seen born and grow up to leave his mind blown in front of twcb? His story needed to continue, granted ezios story could have ended in brotherhood but it was a perfect opportunity to create a great trilogy of an amazing character, how could you get tired of that, when you remember the desmond saga, it will be more memorable due to this ďtrilogy within a trilogyĒ and what a great character ezio was.
Each game has done nothing but improve the series UNLIKE COD which yh has some improvements but then back tracks with over powered weapons etc. I conclude by saying there are waaaay too many good points for people to just moan about the bad ones, ac has made many improvements and some mistakes but so does other franchises, the yearly release are better if they keep with quality WHICH THEY HAVE as which the way the story goes I donít want to wait 3 years for the next part, appreciate this series for what it is not its faults which are too small to moan about.

Thanks for reading.