View Full Version : ACR messed up my pc?

02-15-2012, 08:11 AM
Ever since i was playing ACR multiplayer during the XP boost week, my laptop has been experiencing lots of problems.
I've been used to my laptop overheating during summer, but never going into hibernate mode while playing a game. Been trying all sorts of methods to make it good again, but nothing.

Started during a session of multiplayer on the first day I played multiplayer during XP boost week, now i regret ever buying that **** game. I have been playing skyrim on its medium graphics level ever since a few days after its release, played arkham city without any problems, both much better games than ACR, but ACR had to just mess up my pc and make it worst after the update which came out with the latest dlc. Haven't been able to play any decent game ever since, as my laptop overheats and goes into hibernate after 5 minutes of any game. Can't even watch a movie on my tv through the hdmi and browse with multiple tabs at the same time without the machine going into hibernate. Even simple multitab browsing on chrome overheats now, unbelievable.

Thanks ACR, the worst AC game to date and worse than any virus as ever got. Can't even sell the **** game with the key binding (insert swear word) nowadays. Gonna format that PC, never install ACR ever again and get on with life and other games. Ubi, you've most probably lost a customer who owns all AC collectors edition games.

Forgot to mention that I could play 16 straight hours of Skyrim, Arkham City or any other games before that **** ACR sp/mp. I could live with frequent crashes, white screens of death before certain cutscenes and having to do memories over and over again till the cutscene plays well, but this is just too much for a really bad game which manage to get sold because of the IPs reputation only.