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02-14-2012, 12:31 PM
In an effort to make the Worl Series and in commemoration of the twenty-fourth season of Survivor reality, we decided to create the first tournament Assassin `s Creed Revelations: Survivor.
14 participants will be randomly divided into 2 tribes of 7 members. Every 5 days, the two tribes fight each other in a challenge to win tribal immunity of the day. The losing tribe must then vote each other to eliminate one of its members. The winning tribe shall be exempt from this step. So until the merger of the two tribes.
When the remaining members of each tribe to join the tournament at some point, then begin the individual immunity challenges. The winner may not be voted on that day and all the losers, yes. Until they are three. That's when their own mates, players on the merged tribe that have been voted out, which must vote for who they think deserves to be the winner of the tournament.
Survivor rules applied to Assassin `s Creed. And lovers of the show you know that there are always have surprises.
To participate you only have to send a mail or get in touch and we reserve your place, leaving a way for us to contact you. As have 14 participants, will begin the tournament and we will explain in detail the rules.
Already in this tournament will be spent Abstergo points you have accumulated in the way challenges or WANTED. We are presenting can be used for now that you should go see their usefulness.
2 AP: To determine the alignment rival.
2 AP: Clue about the riddle of the week.
3 AP: Choose scenario.
5 AP: Choose a rival.
More than 20 challenges, 14 Templars, 1 SURVIVOR

More info: templarfiles.blogspot.com