View Full Version : Many bugs on ACR 1.02 Steam version

02-12-2012, 01:09 PM

I encouter some problems with my game.
I have ACR on steam, so 1.02 version.
100% sync

First problem : When i apply filter on the map (for having only certain buildings, etc, ..), even if i disable everything, the libraries always appears ... only the libraries :s
Second problem : Sometimes the game is crashing when i want to equip another armor or weapon. Also, the Galatta hideout is very laggy, it's the only place in the game. My computer config is ok.
For example. I want to equip master assassin's armor, game is randomly crashing. start the game again, try to equip the same armor, and it works.

Do anybody got a solution for these 2 problems?

Thanks for your help

the bear