View Full Version : How to Disable Camera in 'Side-Missions'

02-11-2012, 07:21 PM
Such as the Ishak Pasha Armor mission at the Hagia Sophia; or any of the Altair Keys for that matter.

The Camera, I guess you'd call it a 'cinematic camera', will adjust itself to enhance the gameplay, such as moving to show a side-view of Ezio or something, especially whilst climbing and whatnot.

It's cool and all, I won't deny that. But it is also so frustrating and VERY annoying. I will do fine until the camera decides to adjust itself to one of its 'cinematic' areas, but when it does that I cannot aim my jumps correctly (whereas I could have made the jump successful if the camera did not move) and I always miss my targeted area. Usually I end up on the ground, dead, or something.

How do I disable this camera? All I want in these missions are the normal cameras, so that way I can beat it.

02-11-2012, 10:41 PM
I can't think of any jumps that were difficult because of camera in those locations (and bear in mind, I've played every AC game on PC with mouse and keys, so you know I've had the worst camera issues that any of the ACs have had to offer!).

However, I have seen other people have problems with the reverse jumps in Hagia Sofia. Sometimes people have missed the instructions on screen when it come to these: these are the jumps where Ezio is hanging onto one wall with his knees drawn up, and you need to jump directly backwards. This will go wrong if you try to hold the direction when you jump; you must use only (on PC) right click and space, which I expect is R1 and X on Xbox, and let the game find the handhold for you automatically. Again, don't use direction at all.