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02-10-2012, 12:05 AM
Hello everyone,

A while ago I got the idea of starting a scientific journal-like thread in which peer reviewed "papers" about the various theories about Assassin's Creed would be published. This is not that thread. I am devoting this thread to the management of the journal and the discussion of anything posted in the journal (not pertaining to the theories themselves, but to any necessary updates relating to newly discovered facts about the AC universe, newly found logical flaws in published papers, etc.).

The idea is pretty simple. Anyone who would like to have their "paper" published sends it to me. Then I will send it (anonymously, if preferred) to a specific member of a group of people who will remain anonymous (though they don't have to be if they don't want to) and said member will then review the paper. The reviewer will then make the choice to have it published, send it back for revision or reject it completely. If the paper has to be revised or is rejected, the reviewer sends it back to me and then I post it in the journal thread (which would be publishing it). I will not be reviewing any papers, as it creates an anonymity problem. However, I will help reviewers if they need it.

So, here's the basic plan. People who would like to become reviewers can send me a PM and I will add them to the list (which will only be known to me until we all agree that the list is long enough to ensure anonymity). Anyone, including reviewers and myself, is allowed to submit a paper, but reviewers obviously cannot review their own papers. A reviewer is not allowed to speak about the paper to anyone directly (including the writer of the paper), except myself, until the paper is published. If a paper has to be revised or is rejected, the reviewer responsible must write a detailed explanation of the reasoning behind his decision. Reviewers are expected to remain as logical and objective in their reasoning as possible and if they are not, they will be kicked out. Reviewers are allowed to sign their name if they like, but it is completely optional. Papers can always be resubmitted, even if rejected. However, if the paper has not been revised, it will be rejected outright by me. Once a paper is accepted, it will be published and everyone is happy (yay). The first post of the journal will have a list of all published papers with their post (and if we're lucky also thread) number and whether said theories have since been proven, disproved or neither.

Definition of an acceptable paper:
-has a summary or abstract (very important!)
-is well sourced (references to the original content such as the games and the novels, or references to other papers)
-all points are logical and any significant uncertainties are admitted
-all sentences are grammatically correct (enough for a "newb" to understand the paper) and there are (virtually) no spelling errors

A good paper will also have (entirely optional, but very much appreciated):
-A clear structure
-short, clear, to the point reasoning
-no weird fonts, such as "Comic Sans"

Anyone is allowed to take part in the discussions in this thread, even if they're no reviewer or have never even submitted a paper. At the moment the most important thing will be setting up the Journal thread. There is one significant problem with it, which is that nobody but me (and the mods of course) should post there. I don't think it's necessary to have it become a closed thread in which only the mods can post (and thus would be responsible for publishing the papers), but we do need an effective way of making sure everybody who reads the thread understands that they're not supposed to post in there and it would be preferable if we could get the mods to delete any posts of people who do.
My idea is that to every publication we add a disclaimer stating that people shouldn't post in the thread and of course state it in the title of the thread as well.

Anyways, discuss!