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02-09-2012, 01:48 AM
How do I play?In Horse Haven, you and your horse can do many things. First you need to create your horse. Choose the gender, color and name for your horse!

You can interact with your horse by clicking directly on it. Your horse will always indicate what it needs by showing a blue bubble above its head. You can pet, clean, and play with your horse directly. Doing these actions keeps your horse happy.

Your horse also needs to eat food, drink water, and learn new techniques. If your horse is indicating that it wants to do these actions, you can click on the object it wants and your horse will automatically interact with that object.

You can also visit your friend's ranch at any time to help them out by clicking on weeds in their ranch. Helping maintain your friend's ranch will increase your energy!

If you like to decorate, you can also add useful buildings, plants, roads and other cool things to your ranch to make it unique and help develop your horses!

What is my goal?You have two main objectives in Horse Haven. The first is to make your horses happy and teach them skills so that you can eventually win the Broncopolis cup.
The second goal is to expand and maintain your ranch by pulling weeds, adding new buildings, decorating it and more! The more expansive your ranch, the better the horses you will breed.

What are Quests for?Quests are specific missions that you will be assigned from time to time. Completing Quests allows you to earn rewards that help you care for or train your horse. Certain Quests may also be necessary for your horse to achieve its goals!

When is the game finished?Horse Haven is never done! You can expand your ranch and train new horses for as long as you keep playing!

Why can't I finish my construction?You need a certain number of materials to finish a building. If you don't have enough materials, you can buy them, or ask a friend.

You have all the items you need

When is the game finished?Horse Haven is never done! You can expand your ranch and train new horses for as long as you keep playing!

I am out of energy. How do I get more?If you're out of energy, you can buy extra packs of energy in the shop. You can also get energy when you visit your friends and help them out. You can ask your friends for energy as a gift as well!


My path is blocked. How can I fix that?If your horse cannot reach its destination, you can move it or the obstacle with the move tool on the lower-right side of your screen.