View Full Version : Unskippable credits in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. How is this possibly acceptable?

02-08-2012, 07:12 PM
18 minutes of credits is what I had to just sit through because the credits were unskippable and the game does not save a checkpoint until the credits complete.

In what world is this considered even remotely OK from a software usability point of view?

Please let me outline exactly why this is a terrible and abhorrent practice:

As the unskippable credits roll:

The user's PC becomes unusable (because alt-tabbing pauses the credits, of course).
The graphics cards are running at full-power which produces much heat and noise (because they can produce so many frames per second due to the very simple graphical nature of the credits).
If the machine crashes or the user has to quit the game for whatever reason (say, perhaps, because they don't wish to sit through 18 minutes of irrelevant drivel) then they a have to play the ending and start watching the credits all over again.

People will no doubt say "don't complain, all those people listed in the credits deserve to be recognised." Yes, sure they do. So put their names in a "credits" section on the main menu. You should understand that I - and the vast, VAST majority of all other gamers - do not give even half of a **** about who was involved in producing the Italian/French/Spanish/Korean/Polish/Swedish/Japanese version of the game when all I played was the English version. Seriously.

By the same argument, why don't movies have unskippable credits, too? Why not lock movie-goers into the theatre while the credits roll so they can't leave before it's over? That is precisely what Ubisoft have chosen to do here with this game (and probably other titles, too).

Ultimately, Ubisoft already has my money by this point and I have completed the mainstay of the game. I should not and will not be forced to watch 18 minutes of credits just because they want to rub my face in the epic scale of their game creation process or something.

A Solution

As for me, after I got over the initial annoyance, I simply loaded up a nice program called 3D Ripper DX, forced Assassin's Creed into windowed mode using it, reduced the resolution in-game to 800x600, muted Assassin's Creed using the Windows 7 volume mixer, and watched 15 minutes of a movie on the other half of my monitor while the unskippable credits rolled on in defiance. Utterly ridiculous that I had to do that, but I had better things to do with my time than waste it being forced to watch credits.

I sincerely hope some Ubisoft employees see this and can understand and agree why this is an utterly terrible and intrusive practice.

With genuine frustration,

A gamer with high blood pressure.

02-08-2012, 07:41 PM
Those guys put a tone of work into the game you just play.You dont like credits fine but dont post it here show some respect to all of them.But i guess your a kind of guy who dont like credits you just like watching **** movies instead.

02-08-2012, 07:44 PM
Same for multiplayer shortcut. Why the hell there is no direct multiplayer shortcut by default and i have to start single player game and jump from it into multiplayer or you need to create manually proper shortcut. Unskippable movies when starting the game and many other things forcing customer to watch them when they are so **** pointless for gaming itself.

Ok, Bucur92, you are right, we should respect them but only if they would respect us. They are making shoddy port without taking much care about optimization, PC STEERING and bufixing. I will buy next assassin's creed game only as tribute to game, not as tribute to developers. IMO the game should be based upon some decent engine not this crappy looking and unoptimized PoS. They even abandoned dx 10(.1) libraries because they can't optimize them to behave proper.

02-08-2012, 08:04 PM
Those guys put a tone of work into the game you just play.You dont like credits fine but dont post it here show some respect to all of them.But i guess your a kind of guy who dont like credits you just like watching **** movies instead.
Bucur92, as I said in my original post - yes, the guys did put a ton of work into the game. That's why I gave them my money. Despite what you or anyone else may think, I do not have to give them my gratitude as well. And even if I wanted to, forcing me to watch almost 20 minutes of names scrolling past is not the way to do that. That shows no respect to them, and actively shows disrespect for me - the end user who paid for something which I should enjoy.

Moreover, how many people do you think got sick of waiting for the credits to end and simply quit the game, believing it to be "over"? It may sound stupid to you or me, but I guarantee that many players will have stopped playing because they thought the game was "done." And I hardly blame them.

Also I don't understand your point about how I like to watch movies. I do, yes. But I like my games to be interactive, and not at all like movies. Cutscenes should all be skippable, as should credits.

02-08-2012, 08:08 PM
Guys, lets be civil..

Abusing the devs, no matter how valid your reason may seem to you, is never going to end well...

The credits are how they are, so I'm sorry to say that's how it was intended.

Many games have credits you can't skip - some have them..

I suggest you post your upset in the pinned feedback threads - so the team is aware.

I'm locking these thread, since it's overall tone will attract the trolls - who have nothing to add to it..