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02-07-2012, 04:29 PM
Map : Venice
Spawn Spot : The usual two hiding spots in the back
Abilities : Disguise and Bodyguard

Ok. So i thought i would lure them in near us and engage the bodyguard since these tactics worked before with bodyguard

I activated the bodyguard shortly after whispers and catch some guy making a B line straight to my partner. The bodyguard just stands there and watches my partner get killed so i have to stun the guy that got my partner.

The bodyguard was just standing there facing outwards of the circle and DID NOT MOVE ONCE.

Can you people put some checks on things to make sure they are working please. Knives are still iffy. Using mute these days is a fine art of judging your connection to theirs and has nothing to do with getting yours off before theirs.

Matchmaking is faster than ACB but the quality of matches after your match, meaning the pairing of people, are not as good. People leave all the time and i am faced with a 4 vs 3 or worse at which point i leave. Too many times am i given a game to start with where i am outnumbered and the game just expects me to get on with it.

Ok. I have some skills and am better than the average player, i think, but getting out of bed on un-even footing is not nice. And this un-even balance continues well into the games i play and that is just wrong. This is also a time when i sometimes leave. Why should i be continually be kept at a numerical disadvantage when the other team is getting players to their side?

How many keystrokes do you think it takes to get a game where you meet all these requirements?

Join a game ...... that is :

Not in session.
Has an even number of people on both sides
You are on offense so it does not matter too much if people on defense leave - where i make most of my points

Just to get those two requirements, meaning you wont get shanked as soon as you land in the game if you choose to join a game in progress, will take you a minimum of 5 min rejecting one game after another and waiting for that " Synchronizing Agents!"

If you see me hopping in an out of games fast that is because i am rejecting the games in progress as soon as i am fed them in preference of a game that starts from scratch. There are players i refuse to play with and this has nothing to do with them being better players than myself and more with being picked on repeatedly when i did not know what i was doing yet.
/rant off

02-07-2012, 08:10 PM
So...you were just ranting?

Also, you do know that the bodyguard has a range? Maybe the enemy was out of the range?

I dunno, really. If I had a video I could check with giant accuracy.