View Full Version : The master assassin error, can't get the 7th level 14 assassin become master assassin

02-01-2012, 01:32 AM
Hello, there is a problem with master assassin. I have 6 master assassins now, all of them become master assassins by finishing the 12 master assassins' missions. That means I have finish all of 12 master assassins' missions.

But there is an assassin called Ahmend Sarraf, who is assigned to me automatically during the events of Sequence 03, after he finished the mission "the little prince" , he came back. Now he reached level 14 and have already gained the 15500 xp but cannot gained any more no matter I let him do how many missions.

He cannot become the 7th master assassin. So I cannot complete the assassin guild challenge and the achievement " the mentor".

I wonder if somebody has the same problem.

Please help. Thanks