View Full Version : I think I have found a bug

01-27-2012, 05:25 PM
I have noticed that even if I win or lose a match, my Win Ratio from the Statistics descrease.
I check my statistics after every match and, obviosly, my win ratio descrease no matter if I win or if I lose.

http://iceimg.com/i/04/80/9281b123ab.jpg (http://iceimg.com/i/04/80/9281b123ab.jpg)
http://iceimg.com/i/ee/54/cf3f71dbd0.jpg (http://iceimg.com/i/ee/54/cf3f71dbd0.jpg)
http://iceimg.com/i/e7/5b/c06fab5d1c.jpg (http://iceimg.com/i/e7/5b/c06fab5d1c.jpg)

I have made some pictures at my statistics befor and after I won a match. You can see that I have finished first, but my Win Ratio descrese.

I have made this topic because on the topic made for this kind os issues, no one reply.