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01-26-2012, 08:28 PM

Where is the shop?

The shop is the pink satchel! You can buy Decorations, Energy and Expansion items in there for now.


What tools do I have to redesign my city?

You can move, rotate and destroy your map elements. Note that to destroy a building, you need to invade it first! You can also cancel you current action with the red sign.


Where are my stashed items?

Your stash is available in the cardboard. You can see which items you have in here.


How to zoom in and out, play full screen and change sounds settings?

All interface tools are in here; you can zoom in, zoom out, play full screen, change game image quality to improve performance, mute or unmute the game sounds and music. Note that zoom in and out is not available in full screen mode.


How can I change the language?

Click on the language yellow bar at the top and choose the language you want!

What is the dress-up or "rabbidize" feature?

Click on the Rabbids head in the menu and you can personalize your Rabbids avatar and use is as your image in your friends list and share it with your friends! Just select the clothes and accessories that you like and save your creation! Try it out now!



You have 2 currencies in game: Coins and Toilet rolls. You can buy shop items with both of them.


You can get Coins by collecting your businesses and houses or by buying some.
You can get Toilet Rolls by buying some.


As resources, you have Energy, Cans and XP.


With Energy, you can do actions! When you're out of energy you can ask friends for more or buy some in the shop.
Cans will enable you to feed your buildings. To get cans, you need to harvest your crops and/or use the Public Toilet building.
Your Xp level is represented by stars! Collect stars to level up and unlock new buildings, new house and new decorations in the shop!

I've lost Facebook Credits and/or Coins. I paid for an item but never received it. How come?

Check our FAQ about this topic here:


How to set my Rabbids on fire?

You can’t set your own Rabbids on fire but you can set your neighbor’s ones!! Just go in their town, click on their Rabbids wandering around to set them on fire!

What are gifts for?

Gifts will give you items that will enable you to complete Quests and some Public Buildings.

How to increase my revenue?

If you add Decoration and put Trees near your Buildings, you'll get a percentage bonus on income for those buildings.


How to go from my farm to my city?

Use your map to travel between your different territories!




You can use your crops to get Cans to be able to feed your business and get Coins from them. Different crops styles are available to you.

You can also use the Public Toilet to send Rabbids get Cans for you.


To expand your territory by one, you need Sausages and an Expansion Boom.


You can find Sausages in the shop or ask your friends. The Expansion Boom is in the shop too.

Then use your Expansion Boom on a grey area to unlock it!


I have Feedback & Suggestions for the game. Where should I post them?

There is a special sub-forum for you to post your Feedback & Suggestions: http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/313-Feedback-and-Suggestions

Where are my friends?

It can take a few minutes for the request to go through and the application to update. Your friends should appear at the bottom of your game screen after a few moments. You may want to also try refreshing your browser.

How Do I Use your Support Site? Is there a Site Tutorial?

Go here to ask for help and learn how to: http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8982/p/2070

I have Loading / Out of Sync issues. I'm not able to send and/or receive gifts. What should I do?

Rabbids: Invasion is under continual development. New content, quests, features, and game mechanics are introduced regularly to enhance your gaming experience and to further dive into the stories and universe of the Rabbids! As a result of this ongoing change, performance of the game may occasionally become compromised for some players. Here's what some of you have reported:
• Slow/Incomplete loading from the title screen
• Not being able to enter the game
• Game reloading frequently
• Pages that load incorrectly or not at all
• Issues sending and receiving gifts
• Various "Out of Sync" errors
As we continue to expand upon our game and infrastructure, these issues may increase immediately after these updates. Unfortunately, at other times, the cir***stances are simply out of our control (changes to Facebook's platform, outages with our serving companies, outages with your Internet service provider, older computers or versions of software, and more).
If you have been affected by any of these issues, rest assured, we are working really hard to reduce these issues. As we strive to improve the performance of Rabbids: Invasion, the following steps may help minimize your issues as they have been proven effective in the majority of cases:
• Refresh your web page (Press the F5 Key within any given browser)
• Restart your browser and ensure that all windows/browser tabs are closed
• Check your installation of Flash to see that you have the latest version:
• Clear your browser history and cookies
• Restart your computer.
• Try another browser (optional)

We hope this helps! Again, you may rest assured that we are doing our best to bring you the best gaming experience on Rabbids: Invasion.