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01-26-2012, 08:20 PM
How do I play?

In Rabbids - The Lapins Cretins: Invasion, Rabbids invade THE social network and your favorite Facebook games. Rabbids can invade and transform everything: Public Buildings, Houses, Businesses and Trees.

You can interact with any element by clicking directly on it. Note that more than one click is necessary to rabbidize some elements. You will need some Rabbids to invade Houses/Buildings and you might also need some friends to complete the transformation!


Once rabbidized, you can collect coins from your Businesses and Houses. With coins, you'll be able to transform even more elements and spread out your rabbidized city! Public Buildings will give you more Rabbids.

You can also visit your friend's cities at any time to send tourists to their Buildings and help them out in various ways. You'll get Coins and Energy for this!


Don’t forget to go have a look in the shop where you can find cute and crazy decorations to rabbidize your town even more!

What is my goal?

Your goal is to invade 100% of all the Facebook Social Games by expanding your rabbidized territory to the maximum!


What are Quests for?

Quests are here to help you level up, get Coins, Cans, etc. Each level up will unlock new Buildings and Houses.


It'll also unlock Decorations in the shop.


When is the game finished?

The invasion is just starting! You have a map that lets you know how far you are. As you can see, there are many places to invade! Get to it now!


What is the "dress-up" or "rabbidize" feature?

Click on the Rabbids head in the menu and you can personalize your Rabbids avatar and use it as your image in your friends list and share it with your friends! Just select the clothes, accessories that you like and save your creation! Try it out now!