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01-26-2012, 12:04 AM
As a fan of Assassin's Creed Series, who fell in love with their characters - Altair, Ezio, and Desmond, I would like to say I hate to see Ubisoft to slack off. The storyline in these games is SUPERB, perfectly explained and opened up through out the game. The gameplay in the first game was great, being able to play as an assassin was fantastic. But obvious first AC had problems, yet they were fixed in the following game AC2, but it felt too slow, so it was fixed in AC: Brotherhood (probably their best game right now). Now how do you fix such an amazing game? Well, Definatelly something that can not be done in 1 year, but they still tried it and Failed.

When I first saw reviews on AC: Revelations, I was furious, raged like many have, The game would get 7/10 or Lower. I mean we jumped from 9.5 for Brotherhood to a 7 for Revelations, That is just brutal. Eventually, I bought the game, Played it and was left dissapointed at best. Sure, I had all of my favourite 3 characters in ONE game, but it felt so rushed. There was just nothing that made me feel "this is awesome" like it did in Brotherhood.

You are an Ezio Auditore, master assassin. You are exceptinally good in hand-to-hand combat, able to use every weapon you find flawlessly. Now on paper, it sounds great! In reality, Whats new? I've done all of in Brotherhood and better. Bombs? Why? Armor? Why? Assassin's Help? WHY?

This is a true statement, My 6 year old brother, Who loves Ezio as much as I do, Finished the game without buying a single upgrade or having any Assassin's help. That says something right there.

My main issues with the game and mainly Revelations were: How easy it was; It took almost no skill to play it; bombs were useless; i'm 50 year old Assassin who could run from town to town, parkour all day long, and fight an army non-stop. Sure its a game, but no one is able to do those things for so long. Now, how could UBISOFT Improve AC series?

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Stamina / Energy Bar:

This, I think would actually make the game harder and far more fun. Imagine having an Energy bar that is responsible on how many hits you are able to do or how long you can sprint for. Just picture yourself having a group of 5 guards and You are actually "Thinking" oh how to defeat them, keeping the fact that you can not spam X all day long.

This would actually add the realism that this game needed, feel that you are a person who gets tired after performing actions for too long and need a breathing room. In fact, This change will make bombs actually useful. You are running away from your enemy, your stamina is draining low and you wish to avoid the fight, throw smoke bomb down and use your moment to turn the corner and hide while resting.


Make enemies less ******ed, thats the best word I could use to describe this. Everytime I played AC, it just felt way too easy, It felt that I was playing for the story only and not for the game. When I faced Elite guards, I just downed them once insta-kill was activated and that made it so boring. Make enemies less forgivable, think how Witcher 2 and Batman: Arkham City did it. Sure your are a bad**** but you knew you are only a person, that one wrong move would get you killed or drain too much of your health bar. Make them attack you no matter what, Make them more vicious!

Nerf Potions:

*Sigh* This was my main concern, That the game forgave their players far too easy. At this point of the game your only way of death was to fall off a tall building, or let your target run farther than you are. Having potions that recover 50% of your hp in one go was frustrating. I had more fun running with no potions. I'm thinking, Nerf potions maybe to 1.5-2 Bars MAX and limit slots to 5 only. That would add that extra feel to "YES! I DEFIATED THEM!" feeling.

Add EXP (experience) and a Spec Tree:

Think about it, Reward the player for killing an army of soldiers. Make it so you are able to open up your moves throughout the game and not have all of the moves laid out for you right from the start of the game. More and more games have it and they are doing GREAT. Becoming stronger as the game progresses, that what makes me feel a badass!

Maybe add Assassin's tree that would increase your damage output towards guards and Stealth tree that would make it harder for enemy to hear you coming to them from behind.

Nerf Loot system:

Make the success of getting the items you want harder. Think about it, how many times have you attacked an innocent group of soldiers just to restack? I have. Why even have the stores when you can just find everything you need in the pockets of your dead enemy....Hmmm....Now it actually makes sense why guards were so poor and barely had any money on them.

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Ubisoft, I beg you, Take your time with the next AC. SCREW the 1 year mark, take an extra year, take extra 2, Make it 11/10. Make it as Awesome as Metal Gear Solid 4 was, or when new Batman came out, or when Mass Effect 2 came out. As a gamer and as a community of gamers I would like to say, Take your time and make us THE BEST ASSASSIN'S CREED! Please!

01-26-2012, 01:05 AM
While I do agree that the game is still rather easy, I found Revelations to be a much better game than Brotherhood in almost every way. The style was more vibrant, the locations were better and more detailed, combat was (ever so slightly) more elaborate and enemies were harder. Oh, and the ending was better.

Of course, I would expect at least a partial overhaul of the system for AC3.

01-26-2012, 10:33 PM
Oh, and the ending was better.

With every part of my body I disagree.

Reveletions ending was a cheap remake of AC2s ending.

Brotherhoods ending was an epic plot twist.

Revelations is basicaly brotherhood with a bad story and a few additions with a TD and bombs.

01-27-2012, 10:05 AM
well i have to agree with you there they really did make the game way to easy and more like a mindless killing spree game like MW3 than the original tactical assassins creed with an enticing storyline.

I like your suggestions for improvement and i like the idea of the 'stamina bar' that would definitely make the game harder. The problem is though now that ac revelations has been produced if all these changes start ringing in and the game suddenly becomes hard like the old days, the players who aren't "real" assassins creed fans will just drop out and go play some hardcore killing game and Ubisoft will be left with a few core gamers and then they might think "hmm is it really worth making another game "

Also i think potions should just be dropped out entirely or just kept for free roam as potions in missions destroyed the scary prospect of "after i get through this i have to face a really hard boss" as you could just continuosly spam out potions to stop urself getting owned.

Also another idea maybe make a DIY kinda thing instead of shops :) like it is for bombs..
So you have to actually go around every city and find items to make clothes and weapons or even give the templar den captians special items so that once you kill one you obtain an item towards crafting a new set of armour or a badass weapon :)

:D i like your thinking man and i hope they take some of your ideas onboard :)

01-27-2012, 08:46 PM
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