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01-25-2012, 10:21 PM
I know that there have been many posts about ideas for the setting for AC3 (there was even one about this exact same topic) and Ubisoft even made a poll asking about the preffered setting. I would have posted it on that thread by I'm not exactly giving an idea for the setting of AC3, I'm just giving some information about Malta to the developers so they can do with it what they want. They can make it the setting for AC3, make it just a Multiplayer Map, a singleplayer mission, or even a DLC for AC Revelations (if they're still making DLCs for it). They can even disregard it completely but I'm just giving out some information because not many people know about Malta and the Great Siege.

1. Malta was under the rule of the Hospitaliers (a.k.a Knights Of St.John) which as you know took part in the Crusades. They're not exactly Templars but there might have been many connections between them.
2. Malta's strategic position was very useful in the Mediterranean, the Knights used to constantly sink Ottoman ships travelling across the sea.
3. The Ottaman Empire finally attacked Malta in 1565 in a battle known as the Great Siege.
4. The Knights were out numbered by 4 to 1 but still one (maybe an Apple Of Eden had something to do with it?)
5. Malta had 3 main ports, the most important two (the Grand Harbour and Marsamxett) is devided by a small peninsula on which the current capital city is built. These 2 were protected by various fortifications the most famous of which are Fort St.Elmo, Fort St.Angelo and Fort St.Micheal. The other port in the south was Marsaxlokk which was mostly undefended and so the Ottomans landed there.
6. A bunch of good tactics were used against them ex. all the people of the capital city Mdina dressed up as soldiers and managed to scare away the attacking Ottoman army; another ex. all the wells were poisoned make any Ottamans who drink it sick etc...
7. After the siege a new capital city Valletta was built. It was named after the Hospitalier's Grandmaster during the siege, La Vallette.

The story is quite interesting once you dig deep for information but its not that amusing. Though as you have done before you can rewrite the history, making it that the Hospitaliers hid the truth. You know, you can work your story magic and make it amazing. :D (the story might even be about before or after the siege, not necessarily have to be during it)

Though in my opinion I don't really think its such a good idea to make this the main plot line for AC3 but what I do suggest is maybe a multiplayer map of Valletta. The city is built in an ordered grid form with one main road and many side streets and is surrounded by a wall. The buildings in Malta are of a Siculo-Norman style which is a sort of combination of Italian and Arabic architecture which I think would be interesting to see. Also almost all the rooftops are flat like in AC1 except for the Cathedral and a few churches.

Imagine being a Templar agent hunting down your target. You are jumping across the flat rooftops, chasing him from above. Your target starts running, turning round in corners, pushing villagers out of his way and trying to get to safety. Then he turns into a small narrow road and he sees you. You are there right above him. He has only a second left to live.

So thats just a little information about Malta, just in case you didn't know. Do with it as you wish. And thank you for reading this very long post :D