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01-25-2012, 12:06 AM
...that AI now overheats, at least that message I get when I put my plane on autopilot.
AI "guy" managing my plane now overheats my crate, that wasn't the case in the past.
That means that there is no silly chases for eons of otherwise slower AI planes now escape thru shallow climb shouldn't be their fav option.

I haven't tested it yet, but surely it will work out that way.
Hopefully they reworked their DM as well meaning that AI can't fly at million engine revs (you could put 109 at manual prop pitch mode put it in dive - engine would die on you in 0,0000123 sec but AI could break speed of sound barrier flying this way), or put flaps in take off position at 700kph, fly at 1200kph and not lose wings in Zero @ almost SL etc. etc.



01-25-2012, 04:22 AM
I haven't played 4.11 a whole lot but the AI is definitely different. They are a mix of fairer and smarter. They won't fly at 110% anymore and won't do constant barrel rolls if you're on their tail, sometimes they'll even just sit there as you zoom up on their six. But if they start evading when you're tailing them they can be very crafty, zooming all over the place and trying to scissor back so they get on your tail instead. Definitely more challenging because they're more complex when evading, and it doesn't feel as computerized and cookie-cutter when you get on their six. Definitely a nice improvement and long overdue.

Also something kind of cool is that sometimes if you're in a tough dogfight the AI will get into a stall and lose control and start flipping around...I've seen it twice and both times the AI managed to regain control, but I very very rarely saw that kind of thing in previous patch versions.

01-25-2012, 05:10 AM
Yup - they have definitely become 'smarter'. I set up a turkey-shoot earlier - Fw 190 A4 vs 8 single-seat AI IL-2s at low level, and it was interesting to watch the different ways they reacted. Most just waited until I got close on their six before attempting to evade, and then rejoined formation, but a couple seemed to be trying to dogfight. One awkward one seemed to think that outclimbing me at a distance while I was otherwise occupied was a useful tactic. I don't think it was actually planning a zoom n boom while I wasn't looking (I doubt they are that clever), but it was a little disconcerting to have it lurking while I concentrated on easier targets.

Regarding AI stalling etc, I've seen that too. Mostly though it is me doing the stalling - I'm trying to learn how to use TrackIR and no padlock, and I'm often finding myself losing airspeed all of a sudden as I concentrate on the target, and lose track of the horizon. At this point, I start wishing for the old, stupid AI...

01-25-2012, 09:23 AM
Yup, one of the features presented in the 4.11 guide was that AI are now subject to the same engine limitations as human aircraft.

The only niggle for me is that the AI make rapid acceleration/deceleration when changing way-points which throws the player out of the formation. If they fix that, I think a He-111 campaign in DGen would be possible, and even enjoyable.

Oh, and I have seen AI stall into the ground. Generally this only happens on rookie settings.

01-25-2012, 04:10 PM
I've jaw dropped when I saw I-16 DELIBERATELY going into spin (he was undamaged and pretty much he went into a spin from NORMAL flight meaning he wasn't doing some crazy evasive tactics prior to going into a spin) while I got at his 6 in my Re.2000, I like new AI better than I ever like old AI:cool:.

01-29-2012, 06:52 PM
I've also noticed that AA guns are as accurate as ever, meaning that you are lucky to escape two-three high speed passes over them.
It's a bit too much accuracy IMO that should be fixed (dumbed down a bit) at some point. It's just my opinion.
I'm playing German JABO campaign so far it's enjoyable minus the godlike AA accuracy, for example half my squadron wipe in first pass on enemy airfield :( .

I mean I was kinda unpleasantly surprised to see that they hit me (immediate wing break) from 2k distance:rolleyes:.

01-29-2012, 08:10 PM
So far I'm not having a lot of issues with AA. I've flown the P-47 Thunderbolt attack on Balaton Airfield in the Single Mission folder, and with a low altitude speed run I've not been hit yet. I've been hit after several passes on the airfield though. That was probably more stupidity on my part than accuracy of the Ai AA.

Be careful when picking one opponent over another. You need to check Co E on both/all planes. Picking the wrong one can be deadly. I also like the surveying tactics by some AI. They'll waggle side to side or even hang upside down to get an appropriate view. You can bounce 'em now. Bombers, while still being accurate don't shoot willie nillie from .8 km out. They also don't shoot if you are between them and one of their friendlies.

But, I am truly satisfied with an actual dog fight. No rolling like banshees. No 'hiding' in the ****pit frame.... thanks to 6Dof. No zooming away with unfair CEM advantage. I'm enjoying CEM, myself. One thing I HATED about IL2 was having an energy/height/speed advantage on an enemy and that AI enemy would rise up 1500 meters with no effort. Cheezeed my bisquits something fierce. TD did a great job with this patch and deserves the kudos it gets.

01-29-2012, 09:38 PM
OK I admit that you may be right, maybe missions are setup wrongly... for instance my SQ gets to attack Soviet airfield several times in the space of 10 missions... and those are, carrier/destroyer attack missions aside, most dangerous missions IMO.
It would perhaps be good if they make one pass with bombs and EVENTUALLY second pass only if AA was seriously crippled/annihilated but troubles is that German JABOs are unable to seriously cripple AA in one pass unless you command at least 10 coordinated planes.
Therefore we average lose 1 plane during first pass (because attack pattern is wrong), half squadron in second and by the time we make third pass often no one survives including me. In most cases all it takes is one hit at best two and you are plummeting towards earth in the ball of fire.

Sometimes we make it and destroy 5+ 20mm AA's... maybe couple of 88s too... but those are scarce occasions and besides losing 10+ men every 10 missions is ridiculous rate :( .

02-02-2012, 09:48 AM
To the smart brain(s) who implemented TAB -> 2.Rotte -> 8.Tactical -> 6.Keep Ordnance order in game ----- may women always worship you and do your laundry without charge, may your enemies always fear you and may you pass your smart brains onto your young ones.

02-02-2012, 01:31 PM
I told you in CWOS that you are going to like 4.11. :cool:

02-02-2012, 03:48 PM
Yep, and you were right...:cool: this indeed is among best patches for this game ever, offline it's whole another game, much better game than it used to be. IMHO.

02-04-2012, 07:33 AM
Flying 4.11 against an La5FN 1943, got 2 headshots and the pilot baled out after I shot a wing off. Pretty tough pilot I should think. Is there a thread for mentioning stange behavior that should be looked into?

02-06-2012, 12:43 PM
Flying 4.11 against an La5FN 1943, got 2 headshots and the pilot baled out after I shot a wing off. Pretty tough pilot I should think. Is there a thread for mentioning stange behavior that should be looked into?
Hey mate... not sure what you mean by that? That AI LA-5FN is doing some strange moves or...?

PS: I guess AA isn't so lethal as long as I obey one basic rule, that being, make one fast pass and that's it.
I was doing possibly the most stupid thing, attacking AA repeatedly. It's like asking to be shot down:mad:.
And besides my JABO Bf-109E with its glass jaw inline engine can't take any punch really.
I'm not really sure that even dedicated mud mover such is IL-2 is suitable for that kind of attacks unless AA is severely soften (meaning there is at most 2-3 AA on whole enemy airfield left) and even then I wouldn't recommend solo attack but rather coordinated attack so that all AA doesn't concentrate on one aircraft only that is what kills.

02-09-2012, 09:06 AM
One of the things I noticed as well with this patch, is the engine will overheat more quickly then before. I flew a tempest which is easily overheated anyway when in boost/wep, but now it will do it as well when just going full throttle after a very short time.
The same when flying a FW190 A4.
Oh well, the change in AI behaviour makes it all that more interesting:)

02-09-2012, 10:14 AM
Have you also noticed different boost types now?
For instance FW-190A8 still has good ol' Erhohte but A9 have this boost removed and goess only to 100% thrott.
Haven't checked but some other aircraft have probably changed too.
And yes, I think only Bf-109K4 has Mk108 on default now, all others have MG151/20 loaded in nose on def.