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08-31-2004, 10:27 AM

08-31-2004, 10:27 AM

08-31-2004, 10:32 AM
It must be totally accurate. If it isn't, what reality does it have?

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08-31-2004, 10:39 AM
Why do they need to fix it?
It's looks pretty darn good to me...
Anyway, I think there are so much other ways they can spend or employ the modellers and texture artists and programmers.
Tweak everything, add more variety to the enemy ships, do that lifeboat thing, more marine animals. Hell, they might even decide to model sea currents - ref the Q&A sessions on the official website for that one.

08-31-2004, 01:40 PM
I voted yes, fix it. I really don't care that much, and I'll be happy with it the way it is, but if you're going to go to that much trouble you might as well get it right.


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09-01-2004, 02:50 PM
Ever heard about compulsive disease? One thing to designers: MAKE A WORKIN' GAME AND NOT A SECOND B17II!!!!!

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09-01-2004, 09:05 PM
I thought b17 was ok,i havent played it much but getting the bombs on target seemed like fun,
MICROPROSE,another good game developer thats gone on the missing list.

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09-02-2004, 07:28 AM
The problem of B17 was that Wayward, the design studio, attempting to make as much realistic as possible, made some sort of bug-packed salad: not a strategic game nor a tactical one, and lookin' 4 a compromise between realism and game they lost both in the final release. A game has to work, has to entertain and cannot be some stress machine lost in bugs, CTDs wrong saving method excessive realism etc. It's a game and it won't be real life. Never. We're seated on our chairs and we'll never risk our lives as those men did. This cannot be recreated, even if designers give me a single save chance.

"A coicidence isan anomaly for the science"
Gil Grissom

09-02-2004, 09:44 AM
yeah i had that game! i can remeber a lot of bugs! for instance fighters would crash into half of your formation , or if your formation made a turn hey crashed into each other etc etc.

09-02-2004, 02:33 PM
I voted for total accuracy, but I agree with the B17 posters. The game needs to work and I'd rather have all the bugs taken out and other more important issues such as a true convoy lanes and other such aspects focused on first.

A perfect replica of a Model T Ford would be awesome, but not very much good if the engine doesn't work.

Keep up the great work Devs!

If it's not that hard then fix the historical error, otherwise keep working on the engine! http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif) Great job so far! I am really impressed and I have been raving to my friends about the quality of communication as much as how awesome this game will be. Peace!