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01-20-2012, 11:46 AM
I have recently purchased AC2 on PC, I already owned it on 360 but bought it again for PC so I wouldn't have to replay this excellent game with the 360's jet engine fan going on.

One thing that irks me though is the DRM that comes with it, I understand I will have to register this online (with my Ubisoft account I assume) and have it online every time I want to play it. This is no problem for me currently, but I love to replay old games from many years ago that I used to play when I was younger.

I had such a great experience with AC2 originally that I am sure I will be doing this with AC2 in a few years time so my question is, when Ubisoft's (DRM authentication) servers go down does Ubisoft have a system where the need for the game to be installed and played using their servers to authenticate it are removed? If this is not the case, can I be assured that Ubisoft's servers will remain up consistently 100% of the time for many years into the future.

The safest bet is probably just to download a crack as this kind of DRM is completely dependant on the publisher's servers being maintained and functioning which I find ridiculous for a product I bought and paid for, essentially I have just rented the game for as long as Ubi decides to keep its servers up or it goes out of business.

I believe that DRM like this causes FAR more lost sales to you than piracy ever could, please stop harming your paying customers, pirates will always be around and will continue to copy and crack your games. The more DRM and inconvience you push on your paying customers, the more paying customers you will lose as the pirated version is more convenient and provides a better product (no-DRM!!!).

Cool story, right bro? I'm sure you've heard this rant said many times before, but I just needed to get it off my chest. Anyway, when are Ubisoft going to get their heads out of their asses and realize no one wants a long-term rental of their game, we bought their games to revisit and play for years to come. In 10 years time Pirates are going to be a PC gamer's best friend when Ubi's servers are down or they have gone out of business due to these practises and ****ty games. I have cracks ready for all my Ubi games (that I legally own, not only Ubi games) should this situation arise.

P.S. PLEASE return AC3 back to the AC2 formula, ACR is fun but the changes to climbing don't feel as satisfying (lots more automated jumps because of the hook blade and such) and all the pointless guff (MULTIPLAYER, recruiting assassins, tower defence minigames [wtf?], hook blade, bombs [though can be fun], modern/scifi story-arc is pointless and detracts from the experience and in ACR this is infinitely worse too, etc) that detract from the series' core strengths (of exploring a beautifully rendered cities' architecture lead through it by the assassin's personal story).

01-20-2012, 03:47 PM
Hi There,

When / If the DRM servers are ever removed - all games using it will be patched to not require the log in - some games already only require you to register once, such as ACR -while some require you to only sign in at start up.

Ubisoft does patch titles to remove DRM restrictions after a certain time, so rest assured when the time comes all of the games will function without needing to always be connected.

You may however still need to activate the title via the internet, once, since this is a common form of activation.

Please use the following thread for further discussion and information on the OSP [drm]