View Full Version : Map Editor- Suggestion for AC(any)

01-18-2012, 01:33 PM
Hey guys, i was thinking about a map editor for all Assassin's Creeds, which we could put units, buildings, objects, interiors and various other things. Here is a list of things that could have:
-Putting buildings, units, objects, doors, walls from all ACs.
-Changing the AI from the guards with a trigger system(like the World Editor from WC3).
-A Cinematic Editor, that we could use all the animations of the units.
-Changing the sound of the ambient, soldiers, target by a list.
-Changing ALL the equipment of the soldier, target, civs with a list, which includes armor, weapons, helms, outifts from all ACs.
-Putting waypoints, objetives, conditions and triggers.
-Changing weather and time of the day.
-Changing the main character(Example: I made an arabian city and my main character will be a Templar knight or an Archer from AC1)
-Putting interactive siege units, which we could use them to destroy walls, units, trees, cities and others.
-All objects and buildings could be destroyable.
-Opening a finished map(Damascus, Florence, Boston, and others), exporting new models for units.
-Option to create a new unit, putting the role(archer, knight, militia, sargent, and others), skill, equipment or a model.
-Having a forum to post the maps created by the players and suggestions.
-Having a option to use the map in multiplayer(players that don't have the map need to download and put in an archive) or single-player.
-Having a way to use ALL(including bow, arrows, and guns) ranged weapons.
-To use the editor you shall need at least one AC game installed(Example:To put stuff from AC1 you need AC1 installed, because of the .forge files).
-Downloading the editor separately(don't need to be with the game but it's a nice idea).