View Full Version : slowness problem ACR

01-18-2012, 01:01 PM
hi everyone,
I recently purchased ACR. For one week, i had no problem to play but since yesterday i have big slowness problem in game but also in the 'start page'.
I check my computer with avast! and i check my configuration and everything is alright. I also check the game with slow graphism but nothing change...
So i wonder how i can solve this very annoying problem because now i can't play...
ps: sorry for my poor english but i'm frenchspeaker ;)

01-19-2012, 11:20 PM
if the slow is in the game only dont complete reading ...... if it is slow in the game and slow a little bit in the computer performance i found this issue in my computer and i restar it but nothing happen so i try to update all my hardware drivers and update my windows with the latest updates available after that restart it so it run fast and smooth now so what you have to make try to update all your hardware to the latest drivers from there manfacture and try to update the windows and also check if there is an update for the game that you miss to make it ...... sorry for bad english it is not my mother lang too lol