View Full Version : DLC ideas

01-16-2012, 01:32 PM
Having read the ACR novel, I saw that there are many things that weren't in the game. For example before Ezio arrived at Masyaf, they showed us what he did only in a fast paced video. So why not show this in a DLC, how he left Rome, his time in Greece and Cyprus? Two fights (pirated and guards). And not only this, in the end of the book they describe the moment that Ezio proposed to Sofia, their time back in Venice along with their wedding and back at Rome organizing and deciding the next leader of the Brotherhood. Something else is that they didn't show what happened to Leo, why not? In the book Ezio and Machiaveli visit him at him residence where a few months later he left this world.

Why not add all these things and events to the game? I would, sure not been so dissapointed for the not-so-many-events of the game if they added these two.