View Full Version : This game sucked! but was so awesome

01-15-2012, 08:50 AM
as for the last three in the quad series, ive been non stop playing to achieve 100% sync. but usually you hit the credits at 50 - 52, and the ending is always the worst yet the best ending ever. it makes me so mad that the game is just over, leaving almost no questions you may have had about the game answered, and leaving you with more than you had before. and then even though in brotherhood some questions from the sequel where answered, you were left with more, hoping that revelations would answer these questions. but following suit, revelations left me with more questions than answers. leaving my review to be possibly the best, yet worst ending ever made. cheers to the editing and the design teams on this, i am currently in 1st year university for video game design! thanks for an awesome game, and i swear if there is another one, i may be working on the team, but if there isnt, im going to pull my hidden blade from the closet.

01-15-2012, 04:57 PM
Hello Ubisoft,

For the next game, following Assassin’s Creed sequence, it would be extraordinary If Ubisoft creates a game placed in an ancient Rome scenario using the same gameplay as assassin’s creed in which the player starts in the roman army as legionary and build his way up to become General.

It could have a storyline for the character with love, murder, betrayal, etc…and of course….. all of this in the middle of the city of Rome in its glorious days vibrating by the sound of the mob in the coliseum. I have to admit, it was quite disappointing seeing the medieval Rome in the assassin’s brotherhood, with the city empty and the coliseum destroyed.

Thanks for reading anyway.