View Full Version : Game Corruption???

01-14-2012, 09:01 PM
I replayed Sequence 2 Memory 6 to get the Iron Curtain trophy before i had to leave. Once the trophy came up, the game went back to the main menu and i turned off the PS3. Once i came back to continue collecting the rest of the trophies, the entire game was messed up. Everytime i start the game up, I'm standing the top of some random building. If i drop forward i fall into water that is under the map and if i jump backwards im on land. I click select to bring the map up and the message says No Map Available. There r no people walking nothing is going on in the deserted waste land im in. I can replay levels without a problem but i need the free roaming map to get a couple of the remaining trophies. I see nothing on Google when i type this kind of problem in. Has this happened to anyone and if so did you manage to fix the problem. I'm currently in the version 1.02.