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This is the place Where I'm gonna Put tutorials on how to do some Simple things to add a personal touch. I will Update this bit by bit as its a big forum and there is a lot to know. Feel free to ask questions I haven't answered yet but be aware I might not know the answer but I will try and help you best I can. Also if you have found something Interesting or new In the forums you would like to share and you think people would find useful to know you are free to add stuff in here also ^^

How to Change Text color

In order to change the color of your text You must Type [ color = *Insert name of chosen color* ] Without the spaces and then type whatever it is you want to be that color. When you are done typing you need to put [ / color] (again without the spaces.) at the end of your text So when your typing it Out you should type it like this:

[ color=green ] Example text color [ / color]

Remove all the spaces within the brackets (These things [ ] There should be absolutely no spaces inside of them) And the end result once posted will be this:

Example text color

You can pick form Loads of different colors! Just type its in the place where I put green
This is the entire list of colors that work ^^ (I did some searching to find them, try-em out ^^)

- ChaRTreuse
- DarkGreen
- DarkOliveGreen
- DarkSeaGreen
- ForestGreen
- Green
- GreenYellow
- LawnGreen
- LightSeaGreen
- LimeGreen
- MediumSeaGreen
- OliveDrab
- SeaGreen
- SpringGreen
- YellowGreen
- PaleGreen
- Yellow
- Goldenrod
- Gold

- Aquamarine
- CadetBlue
- CornflowerBlue
- Cyan
- DarkSlateBlue
- DarkTurquoise
- DeepSkyBlue
- DodgerBlue
- SlateBlue
- LightBlue
- LightSkyBlue
- LightSteelbBlue
- MediumAquamarine
- MediumBlue
- MediumTurquoise
- MidnightBlue
- Navy
- PaleTurquoise
- PowderBlue
- RoyalBlue
- SkyBlue
- SteelBlue
- Turquoise

- Brown
- Burlywood
- Chocolate
- Coral
- DarkGoldenrod
- DarkKhaki
- DarkOrange
- Orange
- OrangeRed
- Peru
- Red
- RosyBrown
- SandyBrown
- Sienna
- Tan
- Tomato
- FireBrick
- Maroon
- IndianRed
- Khaki

Pink, Purple and Pale:
- BlueViolet
- DarkOrchid
- DarkSalmon
- DarkViolet
- DeepPink
- HotPink
- Lavender
- Magenta
- MediumOrchid
- MediumPurple
- LightCoral
- LightPink
- LightSalmon
- MediumVioleTRed
- Orchid
- PaleVioleTRed
- PeachPuff
- Pink
- Plum
- Purple
- Thistle
- Violet
- Gainsboro
- Bisque
- SlateGray
- NavajoWhite
- LightSlateGray
- DarkSlateGray
- DimGray
- Gray
- AntiqueWhite

01-14-2012, 06:00 PM
How to make text bigger

In order to make your text bigger you simply type
[ size=+*Insert Number Here* ] And remove the spaces. Then you type Whatever it is you want to say as you would normally. Once you have finished typing you put [ /size ] (Minus the spaces)

So It should be typed out like this

[ size=+2 ] Your text here [ /size ]

Then Remove the spaces in between the [ and the ] And it will look like this once posted

Your text here

The different sizes look like so:


Size + 1

Size + 2

Size + 3

And so on.

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Thank you, Luna!!!! ^.^

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This is cool

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i love pink!

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Woahness! Thanks yah so much!

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Keep checking back in here I will be posting more Soon ^^ And I'm glad you all found it useful

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Look! Fonts!

01-14-2012, 11:43 PM
Look! Fonts!

XD I almost forgot that one! Thanks ^^

How to change your font

In order to change your Font you type
Put your text in the middle as always [/font ]

then remove spaces and voila:

[font= veranda] Example

Simply replace Veranda with the font you want ^^

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I like fish :D

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I like fish :D

exactly XD

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Hehe Olive Drab sounds funny XD

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Wow, I just really love the font feature so much!

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How to make your text bold Italic and underlined.

[B ] Put text here [/B ] Remove spaces between the [ and ]

[i ] Put text here [/ i] remove spaces between the [ and ]

[U ] Put text here [/ u] Remove spaces between the [ and ]

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Thanks Nina. This will help a lot! I'll have to try it out then...

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XD I think you mean Luna, not Nina. :D

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[color=deepskyblue]DeepSkyBlue[/ color]

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Actually there's something in settings where you can choose to have an editor box thing above your message space, almost like the ones you see on Microsoft Word, etc.
CYAN! ;-) I'm just now finding out that cyan was a shade of blue :o

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You mean.......


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I just can't get these new forums down! If only there was like a training course or something... You know now that I think about it basically when you're on a forum you're typing code. Like when you change the color or add an emote!