View Full Version : VIDEO /commentary: WE'RE GOIN STREAKING!

01-13-2012, 08:26 PM
Here's a video I made where I discuss my profile loadouts, my general strategy, and why I love streak bonuses. There is gameplay of TDM on Antioch-Dusk, with live commentary.

The profiles I use for deathmatch are
1) Poison/Smoke, kill buffer/blender, +550 5kill/stun streak, double score loss streak
2) Disguise/bodyguard, kill buffer/blender, +550 5kill/stun streak, double score loss streak

I discuss most of this in the video but...my main priorities at the start of a match are to get greater variety and my streak bonus (in this video I actually get the streak bonus twice, even though I didn't notice the second time when i got it) I feel like i'm playing my best when I'm working towards those. Smoke/poison gets me close to this because smoking a guy is really the only time I ever bother to go for a focus (for greater variety purposes) and the poison obviously is worth 200 (I crafted fast acting poison, I HATE getting intercepted) and I think that counts towards greater variety too so...that's how I start a match. Once I've landed my focus poison, I move on to disguise/bodyguard, which is designed to keep me alive and allow me to move stealthily around while I work on my kill/stun streak. It took me a bit to warm up to bodyguard but now I loooooooove it! I started using it because everybody uses smoke and I wanted to be a little different, so I tried it out and now that I've gotten used to it I've been using it very very well, and most importantly it keeps me alive long enough to get my streak bonus. I actually only use it once in this video (around the 10:40 mark), but when I do it actually works out incredibly!

In this video I win the match with a score of 7800, but take that with a grain of salt because it's all low ranking players. I actually used this same strategy though in a match last night against high ranked players and put up over 11,000 pts, and I recorded that one too so it will be up later in the week.

Anyway, enjoy and learn friends!