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11-21-2004, 12:00 PM
Another couple of questions as I narrow in a bit further on my planned Specs for new Rig:

First Question..am I correct that with 1Gb of RAM (in my case it will be PC3200 PlatRev2(400Mhz, latency, dual channel, 2X512Mb), FB/PF basically will load "everything" into RAM and does not have to access the hardrive again "during flight",i.e., for the duration of that day€s €˜session€ running FB/PF€¦except of course when periodically writing to the harddrive the various post-mission logs, mission results, *.ini file changes, control setting changes, etc, whenever one chooses to €œApply€ results and/or when one shuts down/exits FB/PF...?

Second question: For FB/PF/BofB (or other similarly €˜intense€ applications), on which of the following hard drives would it be best to install FB/PF(and also Windows OS); my guess is that the answer will be the Raid array of two 36Mb Raptors:

A Raid 0 Array comprised of two Raptor 36Gb SATA 10Krpm drives each with 8Mb cache?
A single MaxtorMaxlineIII 300Gb SATAII 7200Krpm drive with 16Mb cache???

Both of the above HD€s would be available in the system€¦I€m just wondering which would be best and/or fastest for OS and FB/PF/BofB files/access. I obviously will be using the 300Gb HD for storage/editing of Very Large captured/converted analog(VHS)to digital video(AVI, etc) movie files.

BTW, as of today, I am looking at the following Rig components... This is a moving target, of course, and I haven't yet confirmed all compatibility issues.

Thermaltake Xaser III V1000A SuperTower

Gigabyte GA- K8NXP-9 SLI version
Or an MSI equivalent PCIe mobo

OCZ Powerstream 520W PSU

AMD Athlon64 FX55 (2.6Ghz€¦1 MB cache)

OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Platinum Revision 2 400Mhz (2X512mb)

HARD Drives:This is my major remaining area of indecision/ignorance...

Two Western Digital Raptor 36Gb 10krpm SATA w/8mb cache and RAID 0 array
[Or Western Digital Raptor 74Gb 10krpm SATA w/8mb cache]

Maxtor MaxLine III 300GB Hard Drive w/16Mb Cache,SATA II technology, and native command queing..whateverr that is)
[Or WD Caviar SE WD2500Jd 250Gb SATA 7200RPM][OrMaxtor Diamondmax 10 300GB Hard Drive w/16Mb Cache and SATAII]

Sony DRU710A 2.4x DVD+R DL /16x4x16x DVD+RW/ 8x4x16x DVD-RW/48x24x40x CD-RW/Dual/DVD Burner

BFG 6800GT OC or 6800 Ultra [One Card now, and possibly one additional Card in 6 months to install in an SLI motherboard]

SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS

Dell/Sony Trinitron 19€ flatscreen CRT monitor
Altec Lansing ADA885 Speaker System
Old 3.5€Drive(maybe)
Old DVD-ROM Drive(maybe)
Old 40Gb HD(maybe)

11-21-2004, 01:06 PM

1) Cousin Billy's operating system accesses page file regardless of whatever your other programming is doing. When I finally got my majic gig of RAM, I even dod a 3DMark and Black death test with no page file. I got slightly lower scores and one blue screen of death for my trouble! If you take a screen shot or record a track, it will go to your hard drive of course as well. However, remember, the hard drives, within reason will be your mostest invested for the leastest return as far as components go. Still, if you are going to do it up like you are, I wouldn't be without the 0 RAID array.

2) The 16 MB of cache does nothing for you. Sorry, but Seagate makes not such a dependable drive. I'd go with the Western Digitals for my flight sim games and my operating system. Use the larger drive for all your music/data needs.

3) Everything else looks good... in fact, so good that you'll need one more thing... a 24/7 monitored burglar alarm system to keep me from stealing it from you!

11-21-2004, 06:25 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LuckyBoy1:
... I'd go with the Western Digitals for my flight sim games and my operating system. Use the larger drive for all your music/data needs.

Thanks for the response/advice. Could you check out my comments/questions in this related thread, please?
related thread (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums?q=Y&a=tpc&s=400102&f=49310655&m=3391031142&p=2)

11-21-2004, 07:01 PM
Well, yes, I'd say only one partition for the WD 36 GB RAID array. If you really want to know step by step how to do it and what size steipe etc. to use, call Joe at www.magnum-pc.com (http://www.magnum-pc.com) and he'll be glad to share the wealth of information he has. He's tested about every possible combination. The answer he'll give won't be theory, it will be where the rubber meets the road on this issue.

11-22-2004, 11:59 AM
Thanks LB... I'm still soliciting opinions (in the other thread)...

If I understand your opinion, it is that I should put the OS on the Fast 10Krpm drive(I'm only going to get one..dropping the RAID idea completely) and that FB/PF/BofB should also go there... I'm not sure if you suppport partitioning that drive, leaving the OS on its own distinct partition/"drive letter", with FB/PF on its own distinct partition...? I seem to be reading two opposite views from folks on partitioning.

Also, some folks seem to suggest putting all "Programs" on the fast drive(partitioned or not), while others recommend putting programs as well as all data/media on the larger slower drive. I'm not sure how you fall on this issue of where to install "Programs"...

Sorry to be repetitive in my questions, but at least you can see that I HAVE succeeded in narrowing down the focus of my questions/ignorance since I started asking for help on my new Rig about two weeks ago.. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

In my own defense, I've learned quite a bit in that timeframe about PCI, PCIexpress, Case considerations, cooling, PSU issues, IntelP4 limitations, AMD 939 pin advantages/growth-upgrade potential, RAM latency implications, graphics cards and SLI possibilitites, mobo onboard audio controllers/sound, hard drive types/speeds/technology(still have much more to learn go on this subject, e.g., SATA II), enough about RAID 0 and 1 arrays to steer myself away from them, etc....

That's not too bad for an old coot currently using a PIII 866Mhz dinosaur, with Windows ME, a 40Gb HD, and a single CDrom Drive. Imho http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

11-22-2004, 01:46 PM
Fliegeroffizier, I don't know about all the other stuff you're getting, but you will like the v1000A Super Tower. It's big, a little heavy but worth every penny just for the room inside and cooling.

I just upgraded from a 17"(actually 16") Compaq CRT to a Hyundai 19" L90D LCD monitor. Got it today and it's great except for the speakers in it. They be just a tad tinny but that'll be taken care of in the near future. No ghosting and for 25ms refresh rate it's running great so far.

11-22-2004, 06:17 PM
Fleig, you're at the point most of us get to where you start asking a whole lot of "how many angel's can dance on the head of a pin" type questions. Yes, the learning is great, but at a point, we all drive ourselves a little nuts doing it.

I still think that especially if you are going to host online games, you will want the RAID array.

As far as data vs. programs on the C: drive, well, the answer to that is not so clear cut. You have to ask yourself a question...

Is this application heavy on data access vs. executable instructions? Your answer will determine where that particular program goes. As far as partitioning goes, yes, on large drives, it can help a bit. However, at the access speeds you will be dealing with, a partition any smaller than 30 GB is useless and so your 36 GB would not benfit from partitioning in this game at least. Even with big drives, folks seem to have more diagnostic headaches and strange things happening in the game when they've got the drive partitioned. This seems especially true when setting up a page file on another partition or drive. May be a great idea for other games and for all I know, it may just be that many do it wrong and that's why I see problems. The advantages are so close and theoretical as to leave me with the KISS principle. So in the end, that's my advice. KISS and do as I advised. Call... actually, Joe told me today to ask for Hunter82 when you call because he's the one who's tried all the different types and configs on hard drives and can tell you how it all relates to this game and PC's in general.

11-22-2004, 10:25 PM
If you really want to see the potential of the WD Raptor drive, they should be configured in a RAID array, otherwise they are not much faster than a SATA I HDD, especially considering the heat and cost of the Raptor.

Makes sense to go with PCI-E now. I would go with an SLI capable chipset. The new nForce4 boards are weeks away from retail, being tested right now. I think http://www.anandtech.com has a good review of the reference boards.

Good luck on your new build.

11-22-2004, 11:04 PM
Tell you what... order two 36 GB Raptors and try them both ways... RAID and no RAID. If NO RAID is just as good for your purposes, and you sold on e-bay today, you'd get more for it than you paid for them at www.newegg.com (http://www.newegg.com)

Imagine that!

11-23-2004, 12:10 AM
I see Asus Tek has released the first SLI mainboard on an AMD based chipset.


11-23-2004, 12:32 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LuckyBoy1:
Tell you what... order two 36 GB Raptors and try them both ways... RAID and no RAID. If NO RAID is just as good for your purposes, and you sold on e-bay today, you'd get more for it than you paid for them at http://www.newegg.com

Imagine that! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

One 74GB Raptor is faster than two 36GB Raptors in RAID 0.
Two 74GB Raptors are not faster than two 74GB Raptors in RAID 0, unless you have more than one processor.

Thems the facts, Jack.

And since when is Seagate a lousy HDD? They are the only native SATA drives on the planet. I've never had a problem with a cuda.
The 16MB cache on the 7200.8 will increase your burst speed, that is essential if you're using memory intensive apps (like PF).

PF has more memory leaks than a sive. You'd almost think the code was compiled by MS...