View Full Version : About the Characters Why Templario Ottoman and Black Jester were not to sell the stea

12-03-2011, 10:45 AM
Why not put the Deluxe package of steam, with the characters Ottomen jester, and Templario Black, daora The character that has more in the game, was the Doctor. They are the coolest in the game has, the rest is not so cool as well as the three characters that come in packages Animus, and Deluxe Edition Collection, If you had placed a package rather, it costs become more expensive. I'd pay because of the three characters.
I wonder if at some new DLC, they saw not for people who bought the more expensive packages, I do not understand why I live in Brazil, and Brazil do not sell expensive packages, and usually buy my games through steam.
If you know someone tell me if the Ottoman and Templario Black Jester will be somewhere DLCs? A big hug to everyone.