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12-04-2011, 08:09 PM

I played Assasssins Creed II after launch it, and, after complete the game, the thing that bothered me most was the fact that i couldnt see again the history that i loved so much! The DNA sequence wanst replayable as Assassins Creed 1.

Ok by that...i send i lot of messagens complaining about that, and Ubisoft makes Assassins Creed Brotherhood replays the missions (i think still Ubisoft can put the end of the Assassins Creed 2 by DLC or somekind....a DLC that only opens after you beat the game. There is a way to fix that and let use see the end again).

In these week i ended Assassins Creed Revelations. I told my girlfriend and my brother how great the history of Assassins Creed is, and started the last sequence do see the ending again, to show them (my girlfriend loves spoilers! She see the spoilers, and makes her curious about the role history).
But, to my sad surprise, the ending history doesnt play! Why would you put the final chapter but we cant see it complete?! It stops after Ezio touch Desmond shoulder!

Ubisoft, can you please fix that?! Let us see the role history again! Never, NEVER, makes a good history and doesnt let we all see it again!
Its just like we buy a movie, we see to the end, and we wanna see the movie again, and, when is almost finishing...it stops! Think how anoying this would be!

Soo...fix the DNA replays sequences, let us see ALL of the history again ALWAYS. Not for just Assassins Creed, but every game that you make! Think games like movies or a book, you always can see every moment you loved so much again, as you wish.

And i was thinking about some ideas for the next game too.
I was thinking a way of improving the falling and jumping skills for the assassin.
Something called Boot Skills (or somekind). Just like the bombs, something you can put in the assassins boot to explode and makes him do a great jump to the roofs, something like that, and when he is falling, you press some button to the boots absorbs ground impact and doesnt get hurt, and something that let the asssassins walk upon water for a limit time or even run very faster/jump forward, for high speeds. Soo...apply skills by the boots, hands, whetever. Even pieces that let him hurt enemys more in the gloves is possible!
The thing of the bomb let a wayyy of improviment in the evolution of the skills.

And, since embers shows a chinese assassin. If the last is not with only Desmond, you could put the cenario in China. The weapons of China in those years match the history after Ezio, and, also, the cenario is not very complex to work. Its is simple, like Roma. With some places dirt, some with great attention and giants buildings, with a lot of merchants (everytime, since the shops opens in the night in china too).
The idea of the one that said about the Egypt is great too. Iam seeing a lot of people wanting the last one to be in egypt.

Just some ideas.

I would appreciate greatly if just the replay DNA sequences could be fixed to see the whole history. Specially the ending!
I always like to see the ending of games again. And Assassins Creed is just my favorite series (really!), and i can only see the ending of Assassins Creed 1!
Its very sad to have to play the ending again by youtube, and not with me playing, in HD, at my television. Its a simple thing, and very stupid thing to not let us do again without reasons.

If cannot put in gameplay, as Assassins Creed II, just creat a ****ing library with videos and cutscenes avaliable too! With art galley by some conquests, etc.

In Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Assassins Creed Revelations is very easy to solve that. But also has a way to do it in Asssassins Creed II....dont really understand why Ubisoft doesnt do that '-'.

PS: Sorry for some errors in the words. Iam brazilian, and it has a lot of time that i dont write in english. Sorry for something, for some possible errors. :/

Seeya people! And fell free to coment back! I would like the opinions of all of the players and fans, just like me! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

12-04-2011, 08:31 PM
A lengthy post for a simple subject, but yes I agree I wish we could watch the ending cutscenes because it looks a damn lot better on my TV than on YouTube. Hopefully they will either patch this in (yeah right...) or include it in ACIII