View Full Version : AI wingman differences

03-09-2005, 07:57 PM
Been noticing lately, as I have been flying offline a little more lately, that my AI wingman aggressiveness is very different in different planes....for example

Tonight I was flying Seafires against 109F's and my wingman instantly attacked an enemy closing on my six, just as the enemy made his first shots...wingman avg setting.

When I flew the Lightning, my wingman wanted to fly in formation with the enemy while he was shooting at me...eventually, he did engage but I've noticed how some airplanes have different AI behaviors....

Wondering if there are aircraft codes like "fighter", "bomber", "dive bomber", "fighter bomber" that drive different AI algorithms...never read this but I see this behavior in some of the new Navy planes too like the Corsair...often, I lose my wingman or he's 3 kilometers behind me...Jug seems to have some issues too.

Oleg or anyone know what might be at work?

03-10-2005, 08:15 AM
Did you tell your wingmen to attack the fighters or not? I have found that it seems to make little difference depending on the AC your wingmen are flying. Also take a look at the tacticsemployed by the enemy AI. The fighters, depending on thier setting like rookie or veteran, will act very differently. I have noticed that the average enemy AI will not attack you when you first come into firing range. They will wait and try to get behind you after the initial pass. When you set them on veteran they will start shooting at you when your within firing range. Then they will loop around and try to get behind you. There is a big difference between an average pilot and a veteran pilot for both wingmen and enemy AI.