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01-18-2005, 12:05 PM
Hey Guys,

Just wondering if you've seen this?
(click link, 4th item from bottom)


I've not heard of it!? is it along the lines of an Operation Barbarossa add-on?


01-18-2005, 01:45 PM
It is a Long Campaign which has, to date, been released in Europe but not yet in the US. It should be a Very interesting "Alternative History" story/campaign, along teh lines of: "What if such and such happened on the Eastern Front, with an entirely differnte course of history unfolding". It contains hundreds of unique skins(reflecting the changes in history) as well as detailed and immersive storyline/plot/briefings, etc...PLUS, I believe, some 75 Movies as the campaing progresses, each of which moving the story along quite dramatically.

My awareness comes from my having worked a bit with the creator of this product(a true labor of Love for him) in its very early pre-beta stage. I'm proud to say that I had some direct involvement in helping him to come up with an appropriate English "translation" of his German title, one that would express the intent/meaning.

Hopefully someone from Europe/Germany will respond in this thread with additional details..and HOPEfully withOUT saying TOO much, which might spoil all teh surprises which I KNOW will be in the Plotline of this campaign.

EDIT: P.S. TOO LATE! I just read the link in your post; that Announcement of the Feb US release of this product Gives Away A/THE key Plot Twist which changes History. What Jerks!!...Well, Maybe the Cover Art/Text of the Product in Germany also reveals that Plot/history point, as well...if so, I hope it was the creator's decision to have done so, not Just some marketeer.