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12-11-2004, 06:29 AM
Does somebody know how Axis and allied ammunition compared?

I recently saw a source citing that the German 13mm guns could be loaded with a wide range of munitions like, HE, incendiary, AP etc. Obviously the 20 mm stuff and larger has this potential but what can you pack in a 13 mm casing?

I also heard that the 0.5" shot API. Did the 0.5" come in more flavours other than ball ammo?

One thing is comparing the muzzle velocities and ballistic coefficients to compare the kinetic kill factor but even if both shot HE the kill potential could be different. Different grades of HE, different fuzing etc, etc.

Also, there was a lot of 20 mm used on all sides. Brits, Yanks and Russians all used the stuff. How do they compare in kill potential?

I do not know much about HE, but I think the expolsive power can vary a lot between different compoundÔ┬┤s.

Also I saw somebody cite Adolf Galland as having said that GAF ammo was superior to the competition. Was this so or just a morale booster for the troops?

I'm interested in the real stuff, not the modelling in PF. Does anyone know any good links with good info?

Speaking of modelling though, it seems the 30 mm stuff is highly regarded by the modellers in this sim. I do not know how many times the target just blows up in a spectacular ball of flame from just one mk108 hit!

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That link about covers it. Very informative, thanks.

Mayby you have some good tips about performance charts, speed vs. altitude, climd rates at different altitudes etc.?

Numbers do not say that much since supercharger performance as a function of height seems to vary so much for different a/c.

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http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/WW2guneffect.htm <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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Another link for ammunition and gun comparison.

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the site zen posted is from the book called Ballistics of wwii which is great book to own if your interested in that sort of thing. Along with the 4 flying guns volumes.

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Thanks for the info to those who contributed above. I enjoyed reading it!