View Full Version : Has anyone played Infinity Blade? Spoilers for it!

12-07-2011, 08:29 AM
So, just curious if anyone here has played the games? Maybe read the book?

I thought it was cool and kind of reminded me of assassin's creed in a way.

Spoilers while I explain the premise..

So, there is a world full of humans but also beings named the Deathless whom are basically immortal.

Thing is they die and are rebirthed in a new body over and over again.

They rule the lands and all wear helms and masks because mortals aren't allowed to see their faces.

Anyway, there is a thing called the sacrifice where a bloodline was chosen and they raise the son of the last chosen to go and fight one of the deathless....The God King. It's the humans only act of defiance against him.

They teach him the Aegis forms, ancient dueling forms where you fight one on one basically (ALA the game.)

Anyway, what I find cool and assassin's creedy is that the Deathless seem to just be ancient humans or something that were smart enough to figure out immortality. They have monitors and computers that the humans and trolls of the time call magic mirrors and things but when WE read the book we can understand stuff like Security passwords to access the throne room PC.

It's very cool and worth a read and play as there are two of them out.

I'm not trying to advertise or anything and I don't even know if writing about other stuff that isn't UBI is allowed. But it reminded me of Assassin's creed a bit with the ancient humans and I figured most of the AC fans would like the story it tells.