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10-31-2004, 08:37 PM
Now I know that all or at least most of the bugs and quirks will be fixed in a Patch or Patches, and as a long term buyer of flight sims and PC game in general I know that most game are released with bug and the like attached. I can wait for as I said most if not all will be fixed.

P4 2Ghz Northwood
80Gb Seagate Hd
GF4 TI4200 128Mb
Win XP Home

Outwith that I have one little gripe about PF and that's the size of the models. I know my Rig is not what it was when I bought it 2yrs ago but still not to bad.

I play Lock On on it fine enough, but is the size of the all the other models you see out of your cockpit! I can only guess as no radar but I would say that I was within 500yrd of 3 japanese planes sitting on a runway waiting to take off. I was in A20 about 100ft up and closing in 500yrds and less, but the 3 planes sitting there were tiny.

Same when i went 1st wave to PH , there were 2 or 3 US planes up and needing to be dealt with, but again all you could see from 500yrd off was the labels not the planes. (Shift-F1 position and middle (End) zoom , which I think look about as near as you can get to a pilot sitting in a fighter, but look through your gun sight and you can't see a thing apart from the labels and its not until your about 100yrds behind a plane that you can see it well enough to fire.

I don't like using the (delete key ) zoom where near all you see is the sight, 2 reasons 1 move your stick slightly and because of the large zoom your rounds fly all over the shop and 2 because its not authentic, for a pilot of a WWII plane to get that view he'd had to lean forward with his eye near pressed against the sight! And even then it would not be magnified as per the game.

So with what I would call near as dam pilot position (Shift-F1 (Middle Zoom) you have a time of it even seeing parked planes never mine AAA (which I flew over and paused the game to have a look at) I was 21ft up "7m" it read as I can't seem to see "Ft" and about 10yrds from it and it was tiny! I have flown over some in mission I attack a couple head on (shift-F1 middle zoom ) and all the way in and even as I was just about to pass over it, you could not see it!

I know Lock On adjusted the size of the planes and trucks and all to make them bigger so they could be spotted from the air, as should be!

I just think that Maddox should do the same and like ED with Lock On make there in game models bigger!

That 1 gripe apart I love this game ...

Does anyone else think the same that like Lock On the models in PF should be made bigger ??

10-31-2004, 08:51 PM
Full zoom is not an unrealistic telescope view, it is in fact meant to represent the scale of things as the pilot would actually see them. The problem is the small size of the display, other lesser zoom levels are a compromise that allow you to maintain situational awareness.

I also find it difficult to control the plane well when in this view - thats why I have the various zoom levels mapped onto my HOTAS (x45). If you can switch the view field/zoom quickly it becomes a great aid to target identification and engagement.



10-31-2004, 08:52 PM
Yea, it can be tough. Especially for ground targets. I don't think it will change though. I've gotten pretty good at shooting with the med zoom level and never switch to high zoom unless looking for targets. It seems fairly natural to me now to shoot at bumblebee targets, after 3 years. Of course, it helps greatly if you don't fire until your sight is filled with his six at 100 meters or less. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

10-31-2004, 09:07 PM
Full zoom is not an unrealistic telescope view, it is in fact meant to represent the scale of things as the pilot would actually see them

I take it as read that "Full Zoom" represents what the pilot would see sitting as per the Shift-F1 say Middle zoom , he sitting in that position in would see what we would need Full Zoom to see!

Why can't they make the planes and all the other models a bit bigger, so we sitting in Shift-F1 Middle Zoom could see what a WWII pilot would have seen (ok not a 100% real view) but a bit bigger as they did in Lock On?

This is not a flame at anyone or the game itself but a Tech Q? as to why can't they do it or if they did what would it do to the game. As I said I don't think the larger modles in Lock On affected the performance that much , not so that I noticed anyway! And if a power hungry sim like Lock On can do it why not PF?