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12-20-2011, 11:36 AM
The online trophies are pretty self explanatory if you need help with "mastering the art" just do a intro session the rest of them are all skill.

also self explanatory are the desmond and squence missions just play the game and find the memory fragments. when i recruited all possible assassins and got all memoir pages they just randomly showed up on my map. you can buy the map for the memoir pages in the book store. Fond memories is also self explanatory.

"Holy Wisdom" all you gotta do is find all of the memoir pages, then the mission will unlock just look at your map.

"Pyromaniac" also quite easy just keep going to the bomb guy (he is easily found on your map)

"Armchair" general is just time consuming but self explanatory just capture all cites but Rhodes, don't know what happens if you capture that as well before the trophy.

"Iron Curtain" is easiest if you just play the first den defense (can't remember what sequence) just don't use cannon (place 2 fully upgraded barricades and as many riflemen as the roofs will hold and don't forget to loot the guards with circle to get more moral points.

"Spider assassin is self explanatory as well just find an easy to climb wall of hagia sofia and get to the top as fast as you can (you don't have to climb the towers just get the middle of the half sphear in the middle).

"a friend indeed" is also quite explanatory i personally did the bomb challenges first but the thieves were also quite easy for me.

"Tax evasion" i have no idea how i got this if someone wants to share please do...

"The Mentor" just keep sending your assassins on missions and assign one to every den.

"Lightning strikes" i found this easiest to do in the other area not constantinople, there are no janissaries there, but i suppose if you get 5 people to follow you just toss a caltrop or smoke bomb and go to town.

"OverKiller" no one should have trouble with this, but if you are just start killing people with your blades tell you get it (not civilians obviously).

"Show off" find a tallish building that has a zip-line under it jump deploy parachute and press and hold circle over the line you will drop the shoot and grab the line with your hook blade.

"Sage" is probably the hardest one to get just because you need roughly 600K to buy all books in the store (all of the ones in constantinope, and the 4 in the other city) plus you need to find all of Polo's books, even though you get roughly 30 k every 20 minutes if you own everything it is still the most difficult out of all of the easy trophies.

"Fast Fingers" finish the thief faction challenges that unlock the thief guild ability then higher a group of thieves to follow you and start killing guards and they will loot them for you (if you have sword or fists or knife or anything other than an instant kill equipped and you have it put away and you do a fist finish when you start the fight, the guard is still squirming afterward, and the thieves will not loot him).

"mosh pit" is easiest in memory sequences or areas where you get a lot of guards in one spot that don't see you, just toss a cherry bomb to attract attention make sure you got 10 guards and then toss your poison bomb, really funny looking, (found it easiest in that one find the key mission where you had to sneak around and kill the captain of 3 or 4 different areas to advance to the next area) take note that these trophies were almost all finished before i beat the game so there may be easier spots (such as the janissary camp (surrounded by wood fence) or that building that has2 standing at every door and 4 in the middle.

"mouse trap" is quite difficult, find a scaffold and first practice bringing it down with your hook blade once you got that find another scaffold mark it and go get the attention for 6-10 guards then run to the scaffold and try to get a bunch really close to it (i had to climb up on the mid way point) then toss your caltrop bomb, usually the one or 2 that were climbing after you will fall then hop down and rip it up, maybe throw another caltrop bomb for good measure just so you have time (took me 2 trys first one i only got 4 so don't get frustrated if you mess up) also you could toss a solder into the scaffold however on his way down he might push other solders out of the way..

"Craft Maniac" very easy to get if you just play the game but if you really wanna get it just craft a bunch of bombs use them right after you leave the crafting table, and re-craft and repeat tell you get trophy.

"My Protégé (woot spanish text... yes i know its french but my computer uses spanish text the é i acquired from the spanish quest *love you trolls*)" this trophy is literally handed to you with that first assassin you recrute just make him leader of an assassin base thing then do your first mission with him, then send him on a bunch of outside missions in the other cities and when he hits 14 max you will have the quest pop up on your map.

"Almost flying" just climb that big building thats really close to the assassins head quarters get all the way to the point, jump, and deploy your chute, then just go strait to the harbor and land in the water.

"silent but deadly" find a group of those guards that are walking around on the streets (usually groups of 4) select knives press and hold Triangle (or Y) charge up then release and it throws 3 knives at three peoples, may need to try more than once if a civilian gets in the way another easy way if to save a civilian (also has 4 guards) either way you gotta get at least 3 closeish together hold and release.

"I can see you" get a smoke bomb (same sections as caltrops not the distraction light smoke) get in a battle with a bunch of peeps and throw the bomb then go to town with your wrist blades (faster kills) might want to turn on templar vision, should get 5 no problem, this is also a good way to get "Lightning strikes".

"Monster's dance" shoot a poison dart into a guard that is in a crowd (i did it with a janissarry but a spear person would work the best if you can find one) then let him go crazy, if you only seem to get 2 and he is starting to die down, grab a random civilian from the watching crowd and throw him at the poisoned guard (lol mean/fun makes it easier).

"Bully" again can't remember how i got this one but i remember seeing a red target on my mini map at one point, i followed it, then beat the crap out of some dude and bling there it was.

the bonus add on pack trophies are also self explanatory, and if you want some online advice just request it in this form ill post it somewhere else. These are the trophies if you want anything else just ask (faction challenges, online help, etc.) meh I'm working on an article that literally has everything i know about Revelations, all tips all tricks, based off of 6 years of playing assassins creed. and a platinum in ever game (but the first, doesn't have trophies)