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10-20-2004, 08:15 PM
Hi everyone. I'm running Myst4 on a Powerbook 17", 1.5Ghz, and it runs pretty nicely.

Before I purchased the game, I tried out the Demo. After some of the tips on this forum (the one about using the Aladdin Unzip utility rather than the default system one) I was able to get the demo running just fine. I remember when playing around with the configuration files inside the package directory that one of the options in the demo was "Widescreen" stretching of the game, and even typing in your own resolution. This made the game look particularly nice on the Powerbook's 17" display.

I'm wondering why that option was removed from the shipping version of the game (it did mess a little bit with the game menus, but it was nothing major), and if there is any way of getting it back. Myst 4 is already presented in a "widescreenish" format - the main viewscreen is wide with a big black bar accross the top of the screen in a 4:3 monitor. On my 17" widescreen monitor I end up having a black bar across the top and two black bars on the sides of the screen - not the best use of screen space. I realize the inventory gets slightly in the way, but even just stretching the screen so the top black bar is removed would be advantageous.



10-20-2004, 11:21 PM
Sounds like something that would be hidden away in the *.dsc files..

Look at how people enabled windowed mode, look into that file for the demo..

Suppose you could paste the complete contents of that file and people could puzzle over it.