View Full Version : NEW Assassin's Creed II Theme is a Rip Off IMO

02-18-2010, 07:32 AM
I just noticed today that a new AC2 Theme was available for XBOX 360. They called it the Florence Theme. Upon looking at the preview I immediately noticed that it was the exact same background as the Uplay theme you can unlock just with the premium stuff included. WTF UBISOFT! Why not just update the Uplay theme or make the Florence theme free.

I will finish this post by saying that I'm a big supporter of the game industry and I do purchase just about all DLC for most games, but this just seems a little odd from some such an amazing company.

I do want to add a positive high five for them creating a 560point version of the "Bonfire" DLC so that it includes the Templar lairs that you originally could only get if you got the Black Edition or were like me and did some strategic preordering.