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11-21-2004, 10:54 AM
Jumped into a server last night where you're defending Normandy against incoming Allies. Nice server; uses little aircraft icons but no other aids, and no map icons.
So, I scan the front-page map...Hmmm, Ocean South, Land North. Should be sufficient. Enemies come from South. Lets fly...

So I'm up in my 109 making big circles and scanning for enemy along with several other guys. I know there's fighting going on, as I keep seeing chat tags. But no action here. After buzzing around for some time, I think it's maybe a good idea to check my gas. Ooops, still had it set low from the last game...it's very low now. I realize I don't have the slightest clue where my airfield is.
Ah, well, it's North...somewhere. I've been flying in circles for an hour without even the "your plane" icon.
Over land again, with the throttle cut WAY back, I'm scanning frantically when the engine goes cough...cough.
I loose altitude, and manage to restart. (maybe fuel sloshing in the tanks, Oleg?) I'm cruising around very slowly, looking for somewhere to land. I spot the city that the airfield is near (I flew over it when I took off), but can't spot the airfield at all. Finally, I pick a flat-looking spot and decide to go for it. Now the engine dies for good.
I managed to slither down without dying, but I left the 109 in a river.

I'm thinking to myself, "this is really dumb!" How can you navigate without SOME assistance? Oleg's terrain, especially the Finnish coast, is pretty monotonous. Then I remember that the radio compas was sitting there in front of my nose all the time, dutifully pointing at the home base.....
Just not in the habit of using the thing!

11-21-2004, 01:03 PM
Well you CAN navigate on the Normandy map...there are enough rivers and stuff. But I still get lost.

Some guys like it for the authenticity. Thats cool, I respect that. But I won't play there.

Just find other places that have you on the map. Most servers do BTW.

11-21-2004, 01:15 PM
Try playing a Pacific map were there is nothing but water! Those type of servers I try to avoid. Most don't know that in RL, you usualy get a bearing to and from the target area. The Naval pilots do, with the carrier moving and all. I also try to avoid servers were they turn off the parachute function. THAT, IMHO was a silly thing to give in the hands of some server bosses.

11-22-2004, 02:36 AM
Ehm... you have a map, you know where you start, you know where to go... yet you complain about not having bearings? That's interesting.

Terrain also tends to be pretty monotonous out in real life, at least when you try to recognise it on a map. Sure, there are details... but those details are not on the maps so you're still looking at ten almost identical lakes and trying to figure out which one you are above.

But it certainly is a challenge. Finally, we at least stand a chance out over the Pacific, with the dots for the boats.

11-22-2004, 03:30 AM
If you have terrain, rivers & towns are usually enough. In the absence of terrain, meticulous attention to time @ heading is required. The "Vector to home base" request can come in handy too, though I not sure it's available in DF servers, I haven't tried.

11-22-2004, 06:00 AM
Personally not my cup of tea either. However, when I have played VWF, being very inexperienced, I would do a quick little sketch of where my base was and the combat zone. I would also write down my two vectors. And, finally, I would formulate a plan.

Been so long now but you can still radio online for vector to target zone (new) and home, right guys?

11-22-2004, 06:35 PM
On this particular server, the "vector to home base was disabled, evidently. ( I couldn't get it to come up)

Also, flying a course to a particular target area and back is one thing, flying CAP over a large area with lots of circling, investigating other little black dots, and so forth...It's a bit much to keep track of.

However, it's apparent that the radio compass was working, I just forgot to look at the silly thing.
No doubt those that fly this particular map (it's been up for a while) get used to things.

11-22-2004, 07:33 PM
The option for "No parachutes" what a hoot.. Well if it were to apply to the Japanese pilots only that is.

Reminds me of when I started a IJA campaign in the Ki-43.. Got my wing shot off and hit Ctrl-E and went "ACK! Thats right! No 'chute!"

11-22-2004, 10:06 PM
What about the map? Anyone figure out the scale of the larger gray boxes and the smaller black boxes?

11-22-2004, 11:25 PM
It is possible to navigate without the GPS, I assure you. I didn't once get totally lost in VWF or VEF2. Sure there were times, primarly after a DF, that I wasn't sure of where I was but after a minute of matching landmarks to landmarks on the map I always figured it out. The keys to navigating are knowing the landmarks along your intended route and the general direction you should be flying.

If you are ever unsure of where you are, do the following. The maps in FB/AEP/PF show large things like towns, roads, rail roads, forests, rivers and so on. Try to take a guess on your general area and then find landmarks on your map in that area that match what you see out the window. It may take a few minutes to do, but if you keep at it you will eventually figure it out. Now if you're over whater, then you're screwed unless you come up with a route before hand and then follow it precisely.

11-23-2004, 01:34 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dr_Zooker:
What about the map? Anyone figure out the scale of the larger gray boxes and the smaller black boxes? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Depends on which map you're talking about. Up until PF, all the maps were 10x10 Km squares (the boxes, that is). Now, on some of the PF maps, the boxes are 100x100 Km squares!

11-23-2004, 10:33 AM
Navigation is really simple with the "grid" system being used. Your opening mission briefing screen gives an overall view of the map, where bases are located, etc. (you get to see this everytime you hit refly!) The grid rows/columns are sequentially laid out, so it's no problem to know where you are and where you need to go. Sort of like a big game of "Battleship"!

"HIT!, you sank my battleship!"


11-23-2004, 10:52 AM
What exactly is your point? http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_confused.gif

If you don't like the server settings, move on to another server with settings you like, simple.

Otherwise you only choice is to familiarize yourself with the map(s) offline for practice. Also you may want to look for printable maps, many squads create pdfs from screen grabs and post them online.

11-23-2004, 02:28 PM
Indeed. Looking at the map in FMB is probably the best way to examine/study the map.