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03-19-2010, 11:41 PM
Hi all,

I have a question.

How to convert MP map which I have created into SP mode? My map is STEAMER - you can check it on the site. I have a really good ideas how to improve my map by adding SP mode, but I don't know how.... (((

I guess this is possible cause developers made the same trick with their prisonebreak2 map which became Nogales MP map.

Thx for help in advance.

03-19-2010, 11:41 PM
Hi all,

I have a question.

How to convert MP map which I have created into SP mode? My map is STEAMER - you can check it on the site. I have a really good ideas how to improve my map by adding SP mode, but I don't know how.... (((

I guess this is possible cause developers made the same trick with their prisonebreak2 map which became Nogales MP map.

Thx for help in advance.

03-20-2010, 03:12 PM
Select all object that have "ModelObject" class, go to "View > Selections..." window and create new selection. Call it "Steamer_SP_Version". Now in the same window choose "Export" and save it as "Steamer_SP_Version.eds". Now close editor, run it again and create new SP map with wizard. Let's say it will be named "Steamer_SP". It must be exactly in the same size and in the same theme. Save your new map and in mesh browser go to "All" and there should be your exported selection called "Steamer_SP_Version.eds". Place it on map as normal object but with option "Place object in original position" (I don't remember where this option is, I'm at home now and I don't have ChromED installed). Now save your map. Go to "My Docs/COJBiB/Data/MapsNet/" directory, find your map in MP version (directory "Steamer"?), copy all .DDS and .HEIGHT files. Now go to "My Docs/COJBiB/Data/MapsExtra/Steamer_SP" and paste the files there. In the names of the pasted files change "Steamer_..." to "Steamer_SP_...". The files that you want to create are already made so you need to delete them and then paste MP files and rename them. Now the terrain height map and foliage should be in the same place. If you don't have the trees you can export them ("View > Processes" window > Export forester from map file) from MP map.

Good luck http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

03-25-2010, 05:05 PM

This is how i've changed (cloned) my multiplayer map in single player.

(you can use this tutorial in many ways cause it explain's how to export different
things from map to new map).

Mp= multiplayer
Sp= single Player.

My_Map.scr= varlist script= text file in your map folder to change environment settings like sun color, light intensity, fog density...(you can change those settings from the chrome editor in map settings under varlist field or you can edit the map.scr manually with notepad)

First, before to create a new sp map,

always check the advanced attributes box in object attributes, you can make this change forever in chromed by clicking on tools>options>under misc field
you have to check this line: show advanced attributes at startup.

Also some chromed features are only available in the advanced mode, to open advanced mode, right click on chromed toolbar and choose advanced mode.

To permanently change varlist values(= Changing the weather, sun, light fog sky colors, even after a chrome editor restart):
Open your map folder:
\Users\User\Documents\Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood\data\mapsextra for sp or mapsnet for mp/My_Map.
Then erase the weather script = My_Map_weather.scr, that's all.

1: give a new map name:
(to say to chromed and cojmodding site, hey that's not the same map)
create one similar name for your new clone map by adding a "_" or "." or give it a different name even if it's the "same" map.
The name must be different from the old mp map name to prevent mixed map files and folders.

2: wizard settings For the map size:
Then you have to check your old mp map size and daytime and environment
because the chromed wizard will ask you the size daytime and environment of your new map.

(((if you dont remember the old mp map size values and you enter different terrain values in the wizard, the terrain height will be different from the original.
Example: Your source map terrain look like this, ~^-~^-.
So if you copy your terrain.height to another map with a different map size, the terrain height will be more flat or rugged, it could look more like this ,--~--~.

To clone the terrain height settings, in chromed, open your old mp map then click on map settings>varlist>code,
under terrain_x : terrain_y : terrain_z there's number values, copy them with the "prt scr" key or with a pencil on paper.)))

In my old mp map the values look like this, terrain_x 200000: terrain_y 100000: terrain_z 200000.
Now in the new map wizard enter the same values that you have in old map settings under varlist but
remove two zeros(divide your numbers by 100).
For example my terrain_x value was 200000, now i must enter 2000 in wizard, terrain_y 100000 = 1000 in wizard...

2.B: For the daytime:
Now for cloning the old map daytime, open map settings>fields>time and weather under F m_InitialTime copy the value, write it and paste it in new sp map initialtime settings.

2.C: For the environment: =(california mexico or arizona)
You will need to remember if your old mp map was made with california arizona or mexico environment, it is for the terrain textures and brushes.
If you don't remember wich environment you had, create one new empty map then look the environment and compare it to your map to know if it was in california.(then delete your "empty test map" folder)
Or you can search in old map >map settings>varlist wich; noise,terrain, clouds, textures.dds names you had
and compare this names with new map settings.

2.D Custom terrain textures:
For your new map you can choose or change the textures manually in varlist.
Or you can create a custom terrain.mat and terrain.mtt then add those scripts to your map folder to customise your terrain and cliff textures.

To find terrain.mat and .mtt examples, seach in the game directory and in the data.pak archives.
Don't edit the terrain.mat file, except for the first line:
import "terrain_My_Map.mtt".
(= replace the techland's map name by your map name.mtt).

For the .mtt file, you can replace the ".dds images names" or create custom textures and add them in map folder then put their name in .mtt file.
You can set different scale, factor values and test all changes in chromed but you'll need to restart chromed to apply some changes.

3: copy and paste files manually:
Now you can export files that you need manually from your old mp map folder to your new sp map folder.
you dont need chromed to do this, just copy and paste in new map folder.
When your new empty sp map is created,
copy those files in your old mp map folder and overwrite them in your new map folder.
Change all file_names to new file_names. ex: old file name= old_map_name.height then new file name must be new_map_name.height.

3.B: files to overwrite manually:
- terrain height file(map_name.height).
- sound files if you had custom sounds =ogg or wav files.
-(map_name)_water.mat if you had custom material.
-(map_name).scr if you had custom weather.

(This is the basic .scr files that you can edit,create or export but you can customize all .scr files and add more .scr files .mat files...)
Some files are exclusive to multiplayer like .trk or singleplayer like startprop.scr so be careful when you copy and paste files from a mp to sp map.

3.C: edit files with notepad++
Now open all the files you have pasted and look inside with notepad++ to change the old map name(s) into new map name.
For example, if your new map is named "tron", open all text files and change your old map name by "tron".
(in fact, they aren't named as .txt files but you can edit and save them with a text editor)

use the notepad or notepad++ searching tool then enter a part of the name you're searching in text and hit search or replace.)

3.D: copy and paste those .dds files: (=texture images)
-map_name_clr.dds ,this file is already in your new map folder except if you have edited the terrain color map on it
and if you haven't choosed the same location (mexico or arizona...)
-and all custom textures.
-map_name_grass.dds can be edited with a paint tool for changing te amount of branches, tiny plants, tiny stones, folliages and grass.
White is where: grass, plants, branches, are on the map terrain.
Black color =no grass, plants, branches ).
Use the brush or clone stamp tool in paint program, for adding plants or use a black brush to remove plants.

4: importing roads:

click on roads icon then export or import button, but it copy road attributes only.

5: !!!!!!!!!Exporting objects!!!!!!!! from old map:

5.B: exporting group of objects:
If you want to copy a group of objects to another map,
You will need to open this group and select all objects inside of it.
(in advanced mode, click on view>other windows>groups> open group
then highlight all objects in the group and hit select objects).
When all objects are selected, look the paragraph 5.E.

You can also destroy groups to export them in an easier and massive way
(in advanced mode, click on view>other windows>groups
then highlight the !group! to destroy and hit destroy)
and then you can select "all" objects together to export them because you can't export
groups without opening and selecting objects inside of it.

5.C: find all objects in map:
If you want to add all objects of the map, choose historical mode in selections window or
another mode if you have objects in one particular mode.

5.D: select all objects from the map without denied classes of objects
Be careful because some classes can't be added in sp map and some other can't be added in mp maps.

NOW !!Open object list!!,select all objects then keep your finger on ctrl and remove = deselect some highlighted class objects that can't be added on sp map.

!!!Remove = deselect!!!
all ac_ (action_chains, only those linked to game modes) and locations (only those linked to game modes), neteventsobjects, neteventexplodingobjects, !!gamemodeevents!!,
also actors if you wont duplicate movie object actors,
!!!Level(coj2modulenet)!!!, obj_ (netobjective),
(soundemitterambient), remove all !!!spawn_ (spawnpoints)!!!
, spectatecamerapositionner, sunhelper (cmoviegllighthelper),

maybe i've missed some classes because i have not all classes on my map but remove all net object classes from the list.

(locations and action_chains can be exported but they can loose some attachements to the old map objects.)

5.E: exporting:
To export objects, you will need to select all objects that you want to export later and create a selection.
Click on selections tool then, in selection window,
click on selections>create and enter the name of the selection then ok button.
When it's done, open the selection window again and click on selections>export>save under your-custom-object-selection-name.eds)
Save it in C:\Documents and Settings\user-name\My documents\Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood\data\mapsextra\ or mapsnet\
or create a new folder with .eds selections inside.

5.F: find selections in chromed:
In advanced mode, click on basic elements then refresh file system then all button
(up right corner) open mapsextra or "mapsnet" and choose your new selection to put it on map.
(for placing your selection on map, you can choose to place it with the cursor or clicking on "add selection of objects at it's original position" button.)

6: importing and exporting trees, movies:

6.A: for importing trees:
open old mp map, right click on toolbar choose advanced mode>view>processes>convert trees types to objects then open object list and !select all trees!
now open selections>in new window toolbar click on selections>create,
give a name to your selection then once again selections>export and choose or create a folder in mapsextra,
name your trees selection and save it.

Open your new map in chromed, click on all(up right corner) open mapsextra and choose your new selection to put it on map.
Now for the trees position on map, i have looked on old mp map where the x y z axis was and attempted to put my new selection almost in the same place.
For a better position, you can add an object with the trees ,inside your selection and remember where the object was on map or take a screenshot of his position,
it makes things easier.
(There is also the "add selection of objects at it's original position" button, next to the the add object button but i dont know if it works with trees
object selections.)

6.B: for importing movies:
first export them from old map,
go to advanced mode>movies>choose (highlight) one film then on toolbar
open films>export movies open mapsextra folder and create a new folder or save it here.(dont save in map folder)
Then you have a .cem file.

Open your new map, then in toolbar open films>import movie and choose the cem file you want then ok.

Now you have new objects appearing and linked with movie, maybe they are duplicated because you have imported them before.
To remove the old duplicated ones(do not remove the new objects(actors) linked to movie),
doubleclick on your film in movies window and select all object(actors) linked to movie with ctrl key.
Now move your selected objects (actors) and you can see the objects hided behind.
Remove the hided ones only and when they are all gone hit ctrl+z to take your actors back in right position.

If you have already imported your movie objects -movie001(123465734)(Movie)-
you have to set them with the good film number in settings to make them match with your imported movies(.cem files)cause film numbers can change after the exporting process.
If not you have to make new movie objects -movie001(123465734)(Movie)- and link them with the movies from the movie tool .

for sp loading screens look here:
Publishing your map video.

Some tutorials are already on forum but i wanted to show all thing needed to import maps.

Sorry for my bad English, i hope you understand this tutorial.

03-25-2010, 05:27 PM

thank you guys!!! =)

09-18-2010, 05:57 PM
i have edited this tutorial above and changed some explanations on how to export and import objects
movies, trees ...
This could be useful.

09-18-2010, 10:49 PM
OMG - one of the best tutorials I ever seen!!!!

Great work my friend!!!!

Very useful tutorial!!!

Thank you!

09-19-2010, 03:19 PM
I'm sure that you already know most of those tricks, maybe all of them, it's been a while that you map with the good old chromed 4.
Thank you to stay and work to do good things with it http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif