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Look what I found!
pretty nice!

Greg Shaw was kind enough to put together this chronology of the development of various fighters from
the WWII period. Note also that he has included a bibliography if you'd like to check his sources. This
was originally posted at tanknet, and I asked Greg if I could paste it over here.
Greg says: Format still leaves a lot to be desired. There may be a few duplicate entries as well,
occasionally sources differ on dates. I think I have found all conflicts, but I'm not positive. There may be a
few oddballs that I'm missing as well. I'm going to start working on a more readable format now.
'31 - B 34 (Avia 534) first flight

Aug '31 - P.11/I first flight

Mar '32 - Model 248 (P-26) first flight

Jun '32 - D.500 first flight

Nov '32 - He 49a first flight

Feb '33 - He 49B first flight

May '33 - He 51A-0 first flight

Jun '33 - P.11a first production flight

Aug '33 - B 534 first flight; C.R.32 first flight

Oct '33 - I-15/TsKB-3 first flight; XF2F-1 first flight

Dec '33 - I-16 first flight (20,000 built); P-26A first delivered

Jan '34 - P-26A first production flight

Jun '34 - P-26A final delivery

Jul '34 - He 51A-1 service delivery

fall '34 - I-16-1 delivery begins

Sep '34 - Gloster SS 37 (Gladiator) prototype first flight

Jan '35 - P-26B first flight; F2F-1 first delivered

Feb '35 - A5M first flight

Mar '35 - XF3F-1 first flight

May '35 - Curtis Model 75 first flight

Jun '35 - P-26B first delivery; XF3F-1 final delivery (3 total)

summer '35 - He 112 V1 completed

Jul '35 - I-15-5 production begins

Aug '35 - MS 405 first flight; SEV-1XP first flight

fall '35 - I-15-4 delivey begins

Sep '35 - Bf 109 V1 first flight; F2F-1 final delivery

Nov '35 - Hurricane first flight; He 112 V2 completed

Dec '35 - He 112 V3 delivered

Jan '36 - F3F-1 delivery begins

Feb '36 - P-26C first delivery

Mar '36 - Fokker D.XXI first flight; Curtis Model 75B first flight; Vought V-141 first flight

Spring '36 - A5M enters service (1094 built)

April '36 - Potez 630 first flight

May '36 - Bf 110V-1 first flight

Jun '36 - 600 Hurricane I ordered; Bloch MB-150 attempted first flight (failed); Gladiator I first flight;
XF3F-2 first flight

Sep '36 - F3F-1 final delivery (54 built)

Oct '36 - Ki-27 first flight

Nov '36 - Bf 109B-0 first flight

Jan '37 - Gladiator Mk I enters service (527 built in three Mks); Bf 109 V4,5,6 enter service with Legion
Condor in Spain; Y1P-36 first delivery; XF3F-1 delivery begins

Feb '37 - G.50 first flight; Blackburn Skua first flight; Bf 109B-1 deliveries begin; Y1P-36 first flight

Mar '37 - Sea Gladiator first service deliveries; Fokker G.1 first flight; P-26C final delivery

spring '37 - Fw 187 V1 first flight

Apr '37 - YP-37 first flight

Jun '37 - Vought V-143 first flight

Summer '37 - Bf 109B-2 deliveries begin

Jul '37 - P-35 delivery begins; He 112VB-0 (V9) first flight

Aug '37 - Boulton Pau Defiant first flight; Bf 110A-0 first pre-production delivered

Sep '37 - XF4F-2 门緍st 㱮ght (1 built); XFM-1 Airacuda first flight; XNF-1 (navalised P-35) first flight

Oct '37 - Hurricane Mk I delivered; Bloch MB-150 first flight

Dec '37 - Hurricane Mk I enters Squadron service; M.C. 200 first flight

Jan '38 - Fokker D.XXI service deliveries begin (Dutch); He 100 V1 first flight

Feb '38 - Potez 630 enters production (1100+ built); MS 405 production first flight

Spring '38 - Bf 109C-1/2 deliveries begin; Bf 109D-1 deliveries begin; He 112B-0 12 delivered to Japan

April '38 - P-36A delivered

May '38 - MS 406 first flight; CR 42 first flight; Curtis H-75A1 ordered by France; Fokker G.1 service
deliveries begin; F3F-2 final delivery

Jun '38 - Fokker D.XXI service deliveries begin (Finland, 38 delivered)

Jun '38 - Spitfire Mk I enters service; Model 75M delivery begins

Summer '38 - Bf 109 V14 (Bf 109E) first flight; Fw 187A-9 delivered (3 built)

Jul '38 - He 112B-0 temporarily assigned to III/JG 132; Bf 110B-1 delivery begins (45 built)

Aug '38 - Bloch MB-151 first flight; P-35 final delivery; He 100B-0 (V4) delivered; Me 209 V1 first flight

Oct '38 - XP-40 delivered (1 built); D.520 first flight; Westland Whirlwind first flight (112 built); CW-21
first flight

Nov '38 - Blackburn Skua enters service (190 built); one P-36B converted from P-36A; Model 75Q delivery begins

Dec '38 - XF2A-1 delivered (1 built); MS 406 enters Squadron service (1081 built); Blackburn Roc first flight
(136 built); Bloch MB-152 first flight; Potez 63.11 first flight; P-36C delivery begins; F3F-3 delivery begins

late '38 - IAR.80 first flight

Jan '39 - G.50 begins operational evaluation in Spain; Ki-43 first flight; Ki-45 first flight (Ha-20 engine); MS
406 production first flight; Bf 110C-0 pre-production begins service trials

Feb '39 - Bf 109E-1 enters service; Bf 110C-0 pre-production first flight; XF4F-3 first flight

Mar '39 - I-22/Lagg-3 first flight; XP-41 first flight; XP-42 first flight; MS 406 deliveries begin; Ki-27b
service delivery begins; He 100 V6 and V7 delivered; He 100 V8 sets airspeed record of 463.92

Apr '39 - XP-39 delivered (1 built); 47 of 61 P-36A in US grounded due to problems; Bf 110C-1 begins
operational service; Blackburn Roc service deliveries begin; A6M first flight; Me 209 sets airspeed record
of 469.22 mph

Spring '39 - CR 42 enters service; He 112B-0 delivered to Romania

May '39 - Re.2000 first flight; 100 H-75A1 have been completed by France; F3F-3 final delivery; Me 209 V4

Jun '39 - F2A-1 delivered (11 built); Fw 190 V1 (BMW 139) first flight

summer '39 - He 100D-0 first flight

Jul '39 - XF2A-2 delivered (1 built); Bristol Beaufighter first flight; first production Defiant flight

Aug '39 - XP-38 delivered (1 built)

Sep '39 - Me 210V-1 first flight; Vultee 48 (P-66 Vanguard) first flight

Oct '39 - Tornado first flight; C.R.32 final delivery; M.C.200 service deliveries begin (1,151 built)

Nov '39 - XP-39B delivered (1 converted)

Winter '39 - Bf 109E-3 production begins

Dec '39 - Bloch MB-155 first flight; Defiant first service delivery; A5M final delivery; A6M2 first flight

Jan '40 - B-239 delivered (44 built); I-26 prototype delivered (Yak); Fairy Fulmar first flight; Mosquito
prototype first flight

Feb '40 - Typhoon first flight; D.520 service deliveries begin (740 built); Mohawk III (Model H-75A-3)
delivery begins; F4F-3 delivery begins (285 built); EP-106 (P-35A) delivery begins (60 delivered to

Mar '40 - Mig-1 first flight; Mohawk IV (Model 75A-4) delivery begins; XF5F-1 first flight

Apr '40 - B239B delivered (40 built); last Sea Gladiator deliveries

May '40 - Buffalo I delivered (170 built); XF4U-1 门緍st 㱮ght (1 built); Boulton Paul Defiant enters service
(1064 built); Beaufighter Mk I first production flight; Fairy Fulmar first service deliveries; XFL-1
(navalised P-39) first flight; Martlet I first flight; He 100D-0 delivered to Japan (3)

Jun '40 - P-40 delivered (200 built); Fairy Fulmar enters service (602 built); Hurricane II first flight;
Westland Whirlwind service deliveries begin; Pe-2 first flight; XFM1-1B first delivery; CW-21B first
delivery; XF4F-5 first flight

Summer '40 - Bf 109E-4 production begins

Jul '40 - Martlet I delivered (81 built); XF4F-5 delivered (2 built); Re.2001 first flight; Beaufighter Mk I
service deliveries begin; Ki-45 first flight (Ha-25 engine); A6M1 service delivery begins; two squadrons
pre-production A6M sent to China; Ki-27 final delivery; XF4F-5 delivered to USN (2 built); Bf 110C-4
begins operational service

Aug '40 - F4F-3 delivered (285 built); Hurricane Mk II enters service; M.C. 202 first flight ; Ki-44 first flight;
Bf 109 E-7 enters service; XF1M-1A first delivery

fall '40 - Do 17Z night fighter conversions begin

Sep '40 - YP-38 delivered (13 built); YP-39 delivered (13 built); P-40A (Tomahawk I/Ia/Ib) delivered (140
built); F2A-2 delivered (43 built); Bristol Beaufighter Mk I enters service (5562 built of all marks); first
YP-43 delivered to USAAC; G.50bis first flight; Mig-1 first production flight; Martlet I final delivery; He
280 first unpowered flight; Ju 88C-2 in service with I/NJG 2

Oct '40 - Tomahawk IIa delivered (110 built); NA-73X (Mustang) delivered (1 built); P-40 final delivery

Nov '40 - XF4F-6 delivered (1 built); I-26 pre-production aircraft delivered; first deliveries of Fw 190A-0;
Bf 109F-1 deliveries begin

Dec '40 - 64 I-26 delivered by end of month

late '40 - Lagg-1 first production flight; Do 215B-5 enters operational service

Jan '41 - P-39C delivered (20 built); P-40B delivered (131 built)

Feb '41 - XP-46A first flight; XP-50 first flight; P-35A final delivery (60 built)

Mar '41 - P-40C delivered (193 built); B-339D delivered (72 built); Martlet II delivered (100 built); Martlett
III delivered (30 built); Spit门緍e V entered service; Bf 109F-1/2 enters service with JG 2; first six Fw 190A-0
delivered for service testing; Ki-60 first flight; Ki-43-I first production flight; F4F-3A delivery begins; Do
217E-1 enters service as night fighter; Mig-3 enters service

Apr '41 - P-39D delivered (863 built); Bf 109F-1/2 enters service with JG 26; Me 210A-0 first flight; Me
262V-1 first flight (piston engine); He 280 first powered flight; Ju 88C-6 arrives in the Med for I/NJG 2

May '41 - Tomahawk IIb delivered (930 built); YP-47 门緍st 㱮ght (1 built); XF4F-4 delivered (1 built); first
production Typhoon delivered; Mosquito F.II first flight; Mig-3 first flight; F4F-3A final delivery (95
built); NA-73 (XP-51) first flight

Jun '41 - P-38 delivered (30 built); P-39D-2 delivered; F2A-3 delivered (108 built); 399 I-26 delivered by
Barbarossa; Fw 190A-1 deliveries begin (100 built by October '41); A6M3 begins testing; P-40D delivered
(all 23 that month); P-43 delivery begins

Jul '41 - P-38D delivered (36 built); P-400 delivered (675 built) most to USAAF or USSR; P-40D delivered
(22 built); Fw 190A-1 began equipping JG 26; RAF receives 5 Mohawk IV; M.C.202 service delieries begin

Aug '41 - P-40G delivered (44 built); P-40E delivered (820 built); Kittihawk I delivered (560 built);
Mustang I delivered (620 built); Fw 190A-2 deliveries begin (124 built by end of year, 400 plus total); Me
163V-1 first powered flight; P-38D final delivery; Pe-2 first flight

Fall '41 - Yak-1M supplants Yak-1 in production; Do 217J conversions begin; Ju 88C-4 delivery begins

Sep '41 - XF2A-4 delivered (1 built); P-43A delivered; Typhoon I begins service with 56 and 609
Squadrons at Duxford (3330 built); first Ki-45 production flight; Ki-44 begins service trials; XP-60 first
flight; Vultee 48C (P-66) first flight

Oct '41 - P-38E delivered (210 built)

Nov '41 - XP-40F delivered (1 built plus 1 YP-40F); M.C. 202 enters service; XP-55 first flight; F4F-4
delivery begins (1169 built); P-38E final delivery

Winter '41 - Yak-7a enters limited service; Mig-3 enters service

Dec '41 - P-322 (P-38) for Britiain (143 built), no turbo-supercharger or handed engines; P-39F delivered
(229 built); Kittihawk Ia delivered (1500 built); P-47B delivered (17 built); I-26 designation changed to
Yak-1; Re.2001 enters service; Fairy Firefly first flight; Ki-61 first flight; N1K1 (George) first flight; last
Westland Whirlwind deliveries; A6M2-N first flight (floatplane); F4F-7 first flight; Me 163 pre-production

late '41 - final Mig-3 delivery, IAR.80 first production flight

early '42 - final I-16-24 delivery; Do 217J-1 delivery begins

Jan '42 - P-40F delivered (1311 built); Kittihawk II delivered (350 built); F4F-7 delivered (21 built); A6M2-K
first flight (2 seat trainer); M-82 re-engined Lagg-3 first flight; Ki-44-I begins production (44 built - a,b,c

Feb '42 - P-38F delivered (527 built); J2M (Jack) first flight (476 built of all types); Ki-43-IIa first flight;
XP-39E first flight

Mar '42 - last B-439 delivered (20 built); last P-43A delivered; P-43A1 production begins for China
(actually to keep Farmindale active); J2M first flight; P-70 first delivered; P-38F final delivery; P-51A
delivery begins; P-47B delivery begins; Do 217J-1 operational testing begins

Apr '42 - M.C. 205 first flight; G.55 first flight; Bf 109G-2 enters service with JG 2; Me 210A last deliveries;
Vultee Model 48C (P-66) final delivery (129 given to China, 15 kept as trainers); Me 163B V1 completed

Spring '42 - Fw 190A-3 enters production

May '42 - P-40K delivered (800 built); XP-61 门緍st 㱮ght (2 built); Re.2005 first flight?; N1K first flight (89
built); Mosquito Mk II enters service (466 built); Bf 109G-1 enters service with JG 2; CA-12 Boomerang first
flight; Ki-44-Ia first production flight; Lagg-3 production terminated; Bf 110G-2 delivery begins

Jun '42 - P-38G delivered (1082 built); F6F-1 门緍st 㱮ght (2 built); Ki-43-IIb first flight; La-5 first production
flight; final Lagg-3 delivery; Yak-7DI first flight; F4U-1 first flight

summer '42 - Do 217J-2 replaces Do 217J-1 in production; Bf 110G-4 delivery begins

Jul '42 - P-39K delivered (210 built); P-39L delivered (250 built); P-51(Mustang Ia) delivered (150 built);
F4F-4B (Martlet IV) delivered (220 built); XF6F-3 门緍st 㱮ght (1 built); Yak-7D entered trials; Spitfire Mk IX
entered service; Me 262V-3 first flight; Do 217N first flight; Me 309 V1 first flight

Aug '42 - FM-1 门緍st 㱮ght (1060 built); Typhoon I enters service as fighter-bomber (3330 built); CA-12 first
delivery (105 built plus 95 CA-13 and 45 CA-19); first production Firefly F.I; K-61-I service deliveries
begin; Yak-9m first flight; Ki-45 KAI begins service; Ki-44-II pre-production begins; N1K1 begins service

Sep '42 - P-47C delivered (602 delivered); Ki-44-I entered service (40 built); Tempest V first flight; Re.2005
first flight; P-70 final delivery; P-38H delivery begins; A-36 first flight

Oct '42 - P-40K-10 delivered (500 built, long fuselage); P-47G delivered (Curtis, 354 built); A-36A
delivered (500 built); F4U-1 delivered; M.C. 205 delivered (200 built, plus 112 after armistice); Ki-44-II
entered service; J2M2 begins production; XP-59A first flight; F6F-3 first flight

Nov '42 - P-39M delivered (240 built); P-39N built (500 built); P-40M first flight; Kittihawk III delivered
(595 built); Yak-9 (Yak-7D development) entered service around Stalingrad; Seafire Ib enters service (150
built, plus 400 IIc); XP-49 first flight; He 219V-1 first flight; M.C.205N first flight?; Ki-43-IIa enters
production; P-40K final delivery; XP-60A first flight; Vought V-173 first flight

Winter '42 - La-5FN first production flight; Do 217N-1 enters operational service

Dec '42 - Martlet V delivered (311 built); XF4F-8 delivered (2 built); F4U-2 delivered (32 built); F6F-3
delivery begins (4156 built); Me 410V-1 first flight; final Ki-27 delivery; Kawanishi X-1 (N1K1-J) first
flight; F4F-4 final delivery; F4F-7 final delivery

Jan '43 - P-40L delivered (700 built); XP-54 first flight; P-40M delivered (600 built); XP-60C first flight

Feb '43 - P-47D delivered (6313 built D-1 to D-23); last Fulmar Mk II delivered; Tempest I first flight;
Ki-61-I service deliveries begin; Ki-43-I production ends; FG-1A (Goodyear F4U-1) delivery begins (1704

Mar '43 - P-38H delivered (601 built); P-40N-1 delivered (400 built); P-51A delivered (Mustang II) (310
built); Hurricane Mk IV entered service; Gloster Meteor first flight; Mosquito Mk XII enters service (97
built); Ki-84 first flight; XF6F-3 delivered to USN

Spring '43 - J1N1 night fighter conversions begin; Do 217N-2 enters production

Apr '43 - XF6F-4 delivered (1 built); Seafire III enters production (1100 plus built); M.C. 205 enters service;
Fw 190A-5 enters production; Ki-61-I enters combat in New Guinea; Ki-84 first flight; P-40L final delivery;
YP-61 delivered; F3A-1 (Brewster F4U-1) delivery begins

May '43 - P-39Q delivered (4905 built); P-40N-5 delivered (1100 built); P-51B-1 delivered (1988 built);
XP-63 delivered (2 built); XP-63A delivered (1 built); Re.2005 enters service (29 built); He 219
pre-production deliveries begin; XP-60E first flight

Jun '43 - Yak-3 delivered in limited numbers; G.55 enters service (130 built); Ki-44-III first flight (1,225
Ki-44 built of all models); Fw 190A-6 enters production; first production Tempest V flight; Tempest II first
flight; La-7 first production flight; YP-59A first flight; XP-62 first flight; XP-55 first flight; Ta 154 V1 first
flight; He 219A-0 begins operational testing

Jul '43 - He 219A-2 completed

Aug '43 - P-40N-10 delivered (100 built); P-51C delivered (1750 built); YP-61 delivered (13 built); Me 163B
first flight; Mosquito NF.XIII first flight; Ki-61-II first flight; A6M5 first flight; Ki-84-Ia first production
flight; J1N1-S begins production; XP-51G first flight

fall '43 - Ki-96 first flight; Me 328 unpowered flight tests

Sep '43 - P-38J delivered (2970 built); P-40N-15 delivered (377 built); P-40N-20 delivered (1523 built); FM-2
delivered (4437 built plus 340 Martlet VI); F6F-3N built (229 built); XP-56 first flight; Me 310 first flight

Oct '43 - P-61A delivered (200 built); P-63A delivered (1725 built); Fairy Firefly enters service; Ki-84
begins service trials; Do 335 V1 first flight; He 219A-2 delivered

Nov '43 - He 219A-1 production deliveries begin; XP-75 first flight; XP-47J first flight; Ta 154A-0 first flight

Dec '43 - N1K2-J first flight; J2M2 service delivery begins; Ki-44-IIb first flight; XF7F-1 first flight; Ki-61-II
first flight; Ki-64 first flight

early '44 - La-9 first flight

Jan '44 - P-40N-25 delivered (499 built); P-51D-1 delivered (8056 delivered D-1 to D-30); XF6F-2 门緍st 㱮ght
(1 delivered); F6F-3E delivered (18 built); Yak-9u first flight; Ki-61-Ic begins production; XP-80 first flight;
XP-67 first flight; Ju 388J (V2) first flight

Feb '44 - Mosquito Mk XIII enters service (270 built); XP-51F first flight; XP-72 first flight

Mar '44 - final N1K1 delivery; A6M5a delivery begins; F6F-3 final delivery; F6F-5 first flight; He 219A-5

Apr '44 - P-40N-30 delivered (500 built); P-47D-25 delivered (6289 built, D-25 to D-40); XF4U-3 delivered
(2 built); F6F-5 门緍st 㱮ght (7868 built); Tempest enters service (800 plus built); Ki-84 second
pre-production run begins; Ki-84-I operational service begins; F7F-1 delivery begins

Spring '44 - Yak-3 enters large scale production; Ju 88G-1 begins production

May '44 - F4U-4X 门緍st 㱮ght (2 converted); A7M first flight; Me 163B-1 first delivered to Luftwaffe; Me
262A-0 first delivered for testing; Beaufighter Mk 21 (Australia) first flight; Tempest VI first flight; J2M5
first flight; J2M5 begins testing; XP-77 first flight; XFG-2 first flight; BV 40 first flight; Do 335A-0
pre-production delivery begins; Ju 88G-1 begins operational service

Jun '44 - P-38L delivered (3923 built); N1K2-J enters production; XP-58 first flight; Me 262A service with
first experimental combat unit (EK 262); P1Y1-S night fighter conversions begin; Ki-102a first flight (15
delivered); N1K2-J begins production; YP-60E first flight; XP-80A first flight; XFR-1 first flight (piston
engine only); F3A-1 final delivery (735 built); Ta 154A-1 first production flight; La-7 enters service

Jul '44 - P-40N-35 delivered (500 built); P-61B delivered (450 built); XF6F-6 门緍st 㱮ght (2 built); Gloster
Meteor Mk I enters service; Ta-152H first flight; D.H. 103 Hornet first flight; Me 163 first combat vs USAAF

Summer '44 - Yak-3 enters service in quantity; Ki-108 flight trials

Aug '44 - Fw 190D-9 deliveries begin (650-700 built); Ki-109 first flight; XF8F-1 first flight; P-59A first flight
(20 built); P-61B delivery begins (450 built); Ta 154 program cancelled; Me 263A-1 unpowered flight trials

fall '44 - Ki-109 first flight; Do 335A-1 enters production (none delivered before factory captured)

Sep '44 - P-47N delivered (826 built); XF4U-4 delivered (5 built); first Me 262A squadron service (8/ZG
26); last Hurricane deliveries; Ki-46-III-Kai night fighter conversions begin; Ki-61-II production begins;
A6M5c first flight; Fury first flight (Centaurus engine); XP-75A first flight; Do 335A-0 service trials begin

Oct '44 - P-40N-40 delivered (216 built); A7M2 (Sam) first flight (9 prototypes and 1 production model
built); Bf 109K-4 deliveries begin (700 built); pre-production Ta-152H-0's delivered for service testing;
Tempest II first production flight; F7F-1 final delivery (500 built); F7F-2N delivery begins (65 built)
Ki-43-II production ends

Nov '44 - Ki-83 first flight; Ta-152H-1 deliveries begin (34 delivered by years end); A6M6c first prototype
built; Fury first flight (RR Griffon engine); XF8B-1 first flight; P-40N final delivery

Dec '44 - P-47M delivered (130 built); P-63C delivered (1427 built); F4U-4 delivered (2357 built); Ta-152C-0
flight testing begins; He 162 first flight; M.C.200 final deliveries; Ki-43-IIIa first flight; Ki-44-III production
ends; P-59B first flight; F8F-1 delivery begins

late '44 / early '45 - La-11 first flight

Jan '45 - He 162 service deliveries begin; XFD-1 first flight

Feb '45 - P-38M delivered (75 converted from L); P-51H delivered (555 built); Ki-100-1 first flight (396 built
of all types); D.H. 103 Hornet first service delivery; Sea Fury first flight; XP-83 first flight; XP-81 first flight;
XF15C-1 first flight; P-80A delivery begins

Mar '45 - conversion of Ki-61-II to Ki-100 begins; XF8B-1 first delivered (3 built); F7F-3 delivery begins;
FR-1 delivery begins (66 built)

Apr '45 - Ki-87 first flight; Ki-93 first flight; A6M8 prototype completed; navalised D.H. 103 Hornet first
flight; XP-51J first flight; XP-82 first flight

May '45 - P-63E delivered (13 built); Seafire Mk XV entered service (390 built); Ki-100-II entered
production; first production Firefly FR.4; Ki-100-Ib entered production; Ki-100-II first flight

summer '45 - La-11 service delivery begins

Jul '45 - P-61C delivered (41 built); J8M1 first flight (blew up); Ki-106 begins flight trials; XP-47H first

Aug '45 - J7W first flight; Ki-94 first flight; Nakajima Kikka first flight; P-59B service delivery begins (30
built); FM-2 final delivery; F7F-2N final delivery

Sep '45 - Seafire Mk XVII entered service (232 built); last Beaufighter deliveries from UK; final P-47N

Oct '45 - last Beaufighter deliveries from Australia; P-82B first flight

Nov '45 - final Typhoon deliveries; final F6F-5 delivery

Mar '46 - P-82B delivery begins; F4U-4 final delivery

Jun '46 - F7F-3 final delivery (189 built)

Feb '46 - F8F-1B delivery begins

Sep '46 - F7F-4N delivery begins; XP-79 first flight

Oct '46 - Sea Hornet deliveries begin

Nov '46 - F7F-4N final delivey (13 built)

Dec '46 - F7F final delivery; P-80A final delivery

Oct '47 - F8F-2 delivery begins

Nov '47 - F4U-5 delivery begins

Apr '49 - F8F-2 final delivery

Aug '49 - F8F-1 final delivery (765 built)

Nov '50 - Hornet NF.21 final delivery

Sep '51 - F4U-5N final delivery

Jun '52 - Hornet FR.4 final delivery


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compiled by Gregory W Shaw

03-01-2005, 06:12 PM
Interesting find. Thanks.

Funny, as a little Squish, I always thought of Ki~43 being the "early" fighter, before the generally more capable Zero. But Ki~43 really was a latecomer, and did not have a long life as groundbreaking fighter.

All should copy that text into a file in their FB/PF folder for use of dates and stuff.

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Cool list. But personally I am more interested in when an aircraft first entered combat. Too many books speak for great lengths about the development of an aircraft and tell you next to nothing about combat experiences.

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