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12-16-2011, 05:24 AM
Haha i doubt ubi will ever read this
Post all ur comments on improvements ubi should make.

Hopefully ubisoft are reading this

1 Remove the need for armour, dont make it compulsory to buy it, make a tutorial if needed, so many people like the game without armor

2 Longer story, the games are good but the story is uncomfortably short for many people, for AC 3 aim for mabey a little longer then AC 2, the longer the better if you retain the smae quality

3 Have a mode for example if u get 100% where the gampley is really different, as follows should aplly to this mode

- Seriously reduce the health, you shouldn't be able to be shot like 3 times and then just recover after 10 seconds or whatever, if u get stabbed it shouldt be a nuisance it should be as if u were stabbed, obviously dont make it to hard but it s so unrealistic and way to easy

- The amour should not make it so you can get stabbed like 20 times, it makes you way to powerful a full set of armor should only increase your health by say 4 or 5 squares, just because your wearing armour doesnt mean you can jump off a 12 story building and think nothing of it

- Medicine needs a massive change, you sholdnt be able to just keep drinking some flesh numbing salts (assassins creed encyclopedia) and be compltely fine, at the least it should take a time like the looting symbol so ur invincible in battle, you should have medicine pouches where whoever needs to buy different types like bandages, poulitices, decompression creams or whatever for his feet after he has fallen off a building, then do they 3 times as long as the loot symbol so they cant just constantly heal in battle, do an animation for each type of healing as well to keep it realer, this way people wont just throw themselves off a massive building into a squadron of soldiers and think nothing of it

- They should also have a stamina system so he cant sprint everywhere and fight and then just keep sprinting, if they get injured they should have slower reflexes (less window to counter attack). This way if people just sprint from one side of the map to the other it will be incredible hard to fight, this makes it so much more real and makes it harder, ezio is awesome but it just ridiculous sometimes, if he is injured he should have less stamina for obvious reasons, healing should increase it but not straight away

- Enemies should also be harder in numbers, the amount of damage they do and less of a window to counter attck

- This should be optional, optioinal to play in this mode and every one of those aspects should be an optional turn on or off thing

4 Balance out the economy system, no more stages where you have to much money do it so it becomes easier and u feel u have progressed but be sensible

5 For the next AC put in as buyable options in say a tailor, every single skin, armour and just regular clothing of every assassin creed game to date so players can wear their Favorite outfit of all

6 Add in a NEW NEW game aspects not in revelations with the improvemnts which were good but like in brotherhood with massive new arsenal, assassination using like anything, chain kills, secondary weapons. Bring new stuff like that to the table

12-16-2011, 06:29 AM
Please post all feedback in the pinned threads.

There are also plenty of other topics discussing the game, so if you wish to gain other people's opinions on the game, I suggest those are a good start.