View Full Version : Assassin's Creed III Suggestions

12-04-2011, 11:57 PM
Hey guys, here are a few things I think could improve the Assassin's Creed series's gameplay:

First of All, Ubi should make a new engine because the current one is showing its limits.

I like the combat since AcII and the improvements made since ACB to the counter and chain system but it could be better, enemies should be on the offensive more.For example, if I counter kill someone and and other guard attacks while my sword is still in the first guard, my character should kick Guard 2, take sword out of Guard 1 and kill Guard 2. Also,if two enemies attack at the same time, my character should counter kill both at the same time.

Dual Wield
The character should be able to dual wield weapons if they are not heavy. For example, dual knives but not dual swords. It would be awesome to have a sword and a knife. Dual wield would work well with the combat improvements above.

Maybe there should be Co-Op missions where you're an Apprentice that you create and you and a friend are sent on missions by Master Assassins like Ezio to different countries.

The character you play as should start as an Apprentice going on missions with his Mentor and should rank up throughout the game.