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01-08-2005, 12:18 AM
Flying with a gamepad?

I took out my Logitech Wingman Extreme nothing would centre on the tests for rudder or main stick.

So I started to us my Logitech Wingman Remote Rumble gamepad, took a bit of getting used to, using the left analog stick to fly planes with but I can do it and all the tests for Main Control and Rudder were spot on dead centre.

But I found out that even though the Rudder (right analog stick) is centred, if I use it even just a litte tap on it, my engine power drops. I could be sitting at 90-100% power and a slight brush against the right analog stick sends the power down around 50%.

This used to happen with the Joystick too, to use the Rudder with that stick you had to twist the stick right or left, but doing so meant that power dropped to about 50%.

Not being a hardcore flight player, I didn't know if using the rudder even slight movements meant that I would lose power ??? (anyone?)

But it seems stranger!

Anyone else seen this happening?

I Thought with the Jotstick as I twisted the stick left or leant it over to the left, it somehow did something or touched something to with the "metal throttle slider" at the base of the stick as its on the left!

But to get the same effect with the gamepad is to weird, as far as I can see the right analog stick=Rudder touches nothing and should not effect the engine power the way it does!

any thoughts , apart from buying somethings else (I am skint at the moment).


01-08-2005, 01:45 AM
First, recalibrate your joystick in Windows, under Control Panel. Then reboot, bring up the game and go to Hardware. Under Input, you can see exactly what your stick imputs are. At least you'll be able see what might be happen. The Community Help forum is a better place for answers, or perhaps send Tully__ a Private Message and see if he's feeling charitable. (He's a good guy, he'll get you started in the right direction if nothing else.) Hope this helps, good luck and

01-08-2005, 05:46 AM
Logitech controllers seem to be prone to hardware problems. Try another controller.... Saitek, Microsoft (if you can find one), CH Products or Thrustmaster are the remaining reliable brandnames.