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05-12-2009, 07:39 PM
Hi guys, wondering if there is a way to change or chose the skin for your squadron other than the default skin. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

05-12-2009, 07:39 PM
Hi guys, wondering if there is a way to change or chose the skin for your squadron other than the default skin. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

05-13-2009, 06:06 AM
If your talking about dgen, then yes you can. You have to edit the db.file for the campaign that you are flying, though.

You can do it two different ways, either by squadron or plane type.

If you download and install enjoyrs dgen updates and skin patches, it will do all of this for you, but to manually do it, you need to open the db file for the campaign located in your dgen folder, which will give you a load of text like below, as an example, this is a basic Belograd42 db file.

5 Borisovka
5 Tomarovka
5 Rakovo
5 Yakovlevo
5 Medvedka
10 Belgorod
10 Oboyan
10 Prokhorovka
10 Solintsevo
5 Shakhovo
5 Streletskoe
5 Pristen
5 Sazanovka
30 Shljahovo
10 Stariy_Oskol
5 Sergievka
5 Skorodnoye
5 Beliy_Kolodec
5 Rzhavets
10 Korocha
10 Jablonevo
5 Orljanka
5 Subbotino
5 Manturovo
5 Ukolovo
10 Ivica
20625 95
20626 0
20627 0
20628 0 2
20629 30
20630 5
20701 5
20702 5
20703 25
20704 0
=356squadriglia=hu1-1hu=hu1-3hu=I_StG77a=II_StG77a=III_StG77a=II_JG5_2=III_JG5 _2=Stab_JG52=4_JG52=II_JG77=III_
JG77=Stab_JG77=I_LG2=I_KG1=II_KG1=III_KG1=Stab_KG1 =I_KG3_0=II_KG3_0=III_KG3_0=Stab
=5GvIAP=6GvIAP=9GvIAP=11GvIAP=12GvIAP=16GvIAP=40Gv IAP=88GvIAP=116IAP=120IAP=131IAP=
148IAP=160IAP=161IAP=163IAP=165IAP=176IAP=178IAP=1 83IAP=237IAP=239IAP=254IAP=270IAP=
272IAP=279IAP=296IAP=511IAP=530IAP=728IAP=7GvShAP= 8GvShAP=94GvShAP=166GvShAP=61ShAP=
175ShAP=190ShAP=210ShAP=218ShAP=237ShAP=430ShAP=43 1ShAP=614ShAP=617ShAP=672ShAP=688ShAP
hu1-1hu CR_42
hu1-3hu CR_42
I_LG2 BF_109E7
III_JG77 BF_109E7 <span class="ev_code_GREEN">name_of_Skin1.bmp</span>
II_JG5_2 BF_109F2
III_JG5_2 BF_109F4
Stab_JG52 BF_109F4
4_JG52 BF_109F4
II_JG77 BF_109F4
III_JG77 BF_109F2
Stab_JG77 BF_109F4
ZG1_II BF_110C4B
ZG1_I BF_110C4B
StG163 HS_129B2
I_StG77a JU_87D3
II_StG77a JU_87D3
III_StG77a HS_129B2
I_KG3_0 HE_111H6
II_KG3_0 HE_111H6
III_KG3_0 HE_111H6
Stab_KG3_0 HE_111H6
I_KG1 JU_88A4
II_KG1 JU_88A4
Stab_KG1 JU_88A4
356squadriglia MC_200_7FB
356squadriglia MC_200_3
30 I_153_M62
10 I_153P
30 I_16TYPE18
10 I_16TYPE24
30 HurricaneMkIIb <span class="ev_code_RED">name_of_skin2.bmp</span>
30 IL_2_1941Early
10 IL_2_1941Late
10 IL_4_DB3M
10 IL_4_DB3F
10 LI_2
20 MIG_3UD
5 R_10
20 U_2VS
10 SU_2
20 SB_2M103
20 YAK_1
60 BF_109F4
30 BF_109F2
10 BF_109E7
20 BF_110C4B
50 HE_111H6
20 JU_88A4
40 JU_87D3
10 HS_129B2
20 JU_52_3MG4E
10 FW_189A2
10 FI_156
12 CR_42
12 MC_200_7FB
12 MC_200_3
BF_109F4 BF_109F4 II_JG77 Setz
BF_109F4 BF_109F4 II_JG77 Hackl
BF_109F4 BF_109F4 II_JG77 Mader
BF_109F4 BF_109F4 4_JG52 Steinhoff
BF_109F4 BF_109F4 III_JG5_2 Graf
BF_109F4 BF_109F4 III_JG5_2 Grislawski
BF_109F4 BF_109F4 III_JG5_2 Steinbatz
BF_109E7 BF_109E7 III_JG77 Omert
YAK_1 YAK_1 239IAP Fedoseyev
YAK_1 YAK_1 239IAP Khalutin
YAK_1 YAK_1 239IAP Shevchuk
YAK_1 YAK_1 239IAP D. Glinka
YAK_1 YAK_1 6GvIAP Avdeyev
[Operations] &lt;&lt;opsBelgorod42-N.dat opsBelgorod42-E.dat opsBelgorod42-H.dat

In the above example, skins have been added in green and red, the green text skin will be applied to all planes flying for III Jg 77, and the skin in red text will be applied to all hurrican mkII's on the map.

One thing to bear in mind, is that there must be no spaces anywhere in the skin name, otherwise dgen won't pick it up, and obvoiusly you must have the skin in your skins folder.

hope this helps,


05-14-2009, 03:19 PM
Hey, thanks for the info but I have the game using Mat Manager and want to ask if the add on by enjoyrs will work with it and other mods. Hate to have the game crash and have re-install....

05-14-2009, 04:26 PM
Both mat manager and enjoyr addons are not mods.

They will work fine with stock install.

All enjoyrs patch does is update your dgen files, and by doing so gives you many many more campaigns. This will have no impact on the game, except dgen campaigns

Mat manager once run and done, changes your .mat files. Once its done, its done. again, all it can affect is your markings.

Neither of these things affect any mods.

I have both matmanager and enjoyrs patches installed, plus a very heavily modded game, in fact my stock 4.08game before i even modded has both mat manager and enjoyrs patches installed, just as it did befire mods existed.

If your that worried, just copy your il2 folder, and rename il2backup as you can have as many installs as you want, game will start from any complete folder.


05-14-2009, 05:58 PM
Can you supply the link for the download of this Enjoyer add on? Thanks in advance....

05-14-2009, 06:02 PM
Hi, see this link at simhq,

http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthre...25541&page=1&fpart=1 (http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2125541&page=1&fpart=1)

This is the most up to date version, If you want to play it safe, just back up your dgen folder somewhere safe, its found in your il2 main directory.

On an aside, if you have or are going to go down the mod route, there is a great mod which enables you to choose and change the default skins of any aircraft, by vpmedia called 'skinmod'