View Full Version : ACR "How its made?" -may include spoils

12-09-2011, 02:26 PM
Few Qs:
1. The bank income time is 20 minutes, sometimes i wait for 1 hour to actually recieve (issue or something i misunderstood?)
2. The Mediteranian defence cap is 50% assassin control, but losing it quickly and i dont find it fun to go back every time and do exact same missions to keep them 50% and what do you get for reward for it except the money,xp that are detailed for the cities, also is it possible to reach 100% or somehow lock this cities up so u cant lose any control over it?
3. Eagle sense is unavalible when you are holding other keys, issue or its how is made.
4. Why killing stalkers isnt tracked in the game's stat, dont track countering them or chasing them for the kill?
5. Why parachutes dissapear after memory replay?
6. The Pash a gear info says that sometimes it can deflect projectiles such as bullets, what do i miss here, cause its not doing that.
7. Why Sofia is so sexy?