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04-16-2005, 04:21 AM
I hate it when search doesn't work , anyway maybe somebody can redirect me to the right topic or give me an answer. Recently I have re-installed PF+AEP+FB. So far so good. However first problem came last night when I tried to log on a fixed IP , couldn't do it. Well,checked the settings and seen that n the settings/nework,the IP was really weird : , so I modified ths for my LAN IP and voila! can connect.
Now, the problem is that I cannot join a game via hyperlobby , it hangs while is trying to do a connection,exactly the same thing I have had for the fixed IP game(directIP connection) before I've corrected it.
Does anyone knows what the problem is?With HL I mean.
Some techies details : I run the whole show behind a router,exactly as I did before,I have 4 computers in LAN here 1 Windows XP , 1 Slackware10.1, 1 FreeBSD , 1 FC 3. their IP's (Lan) are , 101 , 102 , 103 ( I made them fixed instead DHCP) Maybe that helps.
Thx in adance for any answer.

Late edit : maybe that helps , I can log on Lomac via HL without problems.

04-16-2005, 05:21 AM
Problem solved...

Here's the story. It was a bit weird for me to see 3 options in the IP combo in IL2 settings. Also the fact that it connected via the real IP. Not only that,but I could connect to greatergreen via direct IP. Also , Lomac could connect fine via HL.
So I headed directly to hlpro.ini and see that connection detais for Lomac and FB are totally different( Nothing weird, different games). I have seen that line
DetectLocalIP = 1
and the truth revealed before me! I have 2 network adapters,or at least XP recognizes y gigabyte adapter as 2 adapters,that was the reason for the multiple entries in the IP combo!

So , I have changed the setting for this to 0 :

DetectLocalIP = 0

and yes! I was in. Hope I helped someone,if this is old news, sorry for wasting your time.
Have a great weekend everyone.